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4 Quick Exercises You Can Squeeze Into Your Busy Holiday Schedule

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Just because you're extra busy with holiday shopping, family parties and your daily responsibilities, doesn't mean that you can't still make time for some exercise. Keep those seasonal pounds off and stay fit all winter with these quick workout routines that can mesh with any busy schedule. 

1. 10-Minute Cardio 
If you don't have time for a run or the weather outside is frightful, use this indoor cardio routine to get your blood pumping, the U.K.'s National Health Service advised. Combine jumps, star jumps, squats, and burpees in rapid succession to work your muscles and get some aerobic activity.

2. As Many Circuits as Possible 
Men's Health magazine pointed to a brief workout routine that can really help you get that burn all over. Set aside 15 minutes in your busy schedule to do 10 repetitions of body-weight squats, 10 reps of judo pushups and 10 reps of sprinter situps back-to-back-to-back for as many circuits as you can before time runs out. Of course, you may need to rest between sets, but try to beat your personal best each time. 

Use squats, situps and pushups in a circuit for a quick cardio routine.

3. Trim the Fat (On Your Routine)
New York personal trainer Benjamin Hendrickson told Fitness magazine that one of the best ways to save time in your workout is to cut out the extra parts that take time but don't burn calories. For example, rather than trying to squeeze in a cooldown run at the gym, just take a quick walk on the way home. The magazine explained that cooldown runs have been shown to have little benefit anyway. Additionally, static stretching could be made part of your bedtime routine rather than a post-gym activity, to save time during the day. 

4. Lunch Break Workout
If you're pressed for time this holiday season, you'll need to workout whenever you have a spare minute. This means, you may have to pair that smoothie you made in your Oster® My Blend® Blender with a lunchtime workout routine. 

Although you may only have 20 minutes for a good workout at lunch, focus on getting it right rather than being fast. Fitness magazine recommended using a 10-minute treadmill interval pyramid to get a wide array of cardio activities in the short window you have. Follow that up with quick resistance circuits done rapidly for maximum burn and minimal time. Focus on different sections of the body each day, covering everywhere throughout the week without spending too long on any one area. 

Consult your doctor before beginning an exercise routine to make sure you are ready for athletic activity. These are suggestions for workouts, not strict directives.