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Make Smoothie Prep a Cinch with Pre-Portioned Ingredients

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Making smoothies with fresh fruits can be a great way to get the vitamins and minerals your body needs, and it's also just plain tasty. However, some of the best smoothie fruits - berries, bananas, melon or pineapple - don't last very long, especially after you cut them up. 

This can make it difficult and expensive to make delicious fruit smoothies. You don't want to throw out blueberries and bananas three days after you bought them because they're going rotten, and you don't want to have to spend time each morning cutting up fresh melon or pineapple to toss in your Oster® My Blend® Blender. You just want to grab it and go. 

To avoid all of these headaches use a vacuum sealer to wrap up pre-portioned fruits that can make your morning smoothie simpler than ever.

Use your FoodSaver® Vacuum Sealer to store fruit for smoothies.

Why Vacuum Seal? 
When you vacuum seal your fruits or even vegetables for a smoothie, you're able to keep them for longer than other storage methods like a plastic bag or container. For example, vacuum-sealed berries last between 1 and 2 weeks, compared to just 1 to 6 days in a traditional container. 

Vacuum sealing also allows you to measure out a "smoothie's worth" of each type of fruit at once. For example, you won't need to cut pineapple every time you want a smoothie. Now, just cut it once, and split it into several pre-packed, vacuum-sealed containers. Then you can just grab it from the freezer or refrigerator when you're blending a smoothie and throw it in - no more measurements required. It's perfect for an early morning snack.

How To Pre-Package Your Smoothie Ingredients 
The best way to store fresh fruit starts off with how you handle it before it's ever sealed. Get your fruits perfectly ready to be eaten before your seal or freeze them. This means you'll want to wash, peel or cut them depending on the fruit. 

Next decide whether you want to freeze or refrigerate your fruits. Some fruits, such as bananas, can be better when frozen before a smoothie, adding a unique texture. However, if you want your strawberries already thawed before you blend that's OK too. The only difference is that a fruit that you want to freeze should be placed in the freezer spread out on a cookie sheet for a few hours before being sealed for optimal results. 

Measure out exactly how much of each fruit you want per smoothie and place these in your individual, sealable bags. Then, simply use your vacuum sealer to suck out the air and seal the bag. Sealing fruit without air protects it from early decay and freezer burn.