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Top 7 New Years Eve Resolutions

With 2015 fast approaching, many Americans are thinking about what their New Year's resolutions will be. Although people often talk about how difficult it can be to keep faithful to a resolution, it can be nearly as difficult to come up with the right goals. Take a look at seven of the most popular resolutions to get inspiration for what you want in 2015. 

1. Read more books 
In the age of Tweets, posts, emails, tablets and smart phones, many people are yearning for older, long-form material to read. Reading more books, often actual physical books, is one of the most common New Year's resolutions. Consider setting benchmarks like reading one book a month, 20 in the year or just getting through that novel you've had on your bookshelf for years. 

2. Exercise more and lose weight 
Hitting the gym has become the go-to New Year's resolution reference because so many people choose it each year, but it's a classic for a reason. Exercising to become more fit and lose weight is great any time of the year. 

The problem is that many people who decide to become fitter and lose weight for the new year give up too quickly. But, Forbes magazine advised that people focus on making their workout routine fun and "not too unpleasant." For example, sports can make exercise incidental to the fun of the game. 

Try a team sport to help you stick to your exercise goals.

3. Eat, drink and live healthier 
In addition to exercise, many people decide that they're going to stop smoking, drink less or eat better food. New Year's is a great time to start eating and living healthier. Once you start making changes, like switching out a greasy breakfast for nutrient-rich fruit smoothies in your performance blender, you may realize that you feel much better and are happier with this lifestyle shift. 

4. Save more money 
Whether it's setting aside a little bit of extra money from each paycheck for a family trip or just accruing a larger savings, many people decide to save a little extra for the new year. Consider talking to your financial advisor or bank to set up an additional account for your special 2015 savings. 

5. Volunteer your time 
Helping those less fortunate than you is a no-brainer, but it can also be difficult to find the time. If you decide to volunteer with people (or animals) this year, try to work it into your weekly schedule so that you don't break this resolution. 

6. Learn new skills 
Whether it's finishing a college degree, learning to play the piano or teaching yourself how to fix the kitchen sink, learning new skills is a very popular resolution. To help yourself learn whatever skills you'd like to improve, set a series of actionable goals that you can keep track of throughout the year.

7. Become more organized
Improving your organizational skills is a great New Year's resolution on its own or part of a bigger life betterment goal. Anything from cleaning out a messy closet to developing better time management abilities can help improve your organization, so think about exactly which area deserves your most attention and act on them.