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What to Look for When Purchasing a Blender

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Whether you're buying yourself a blender for added ease and convenience in your own kitchen or you're planning to give one as a gift, there are a few features that you should focus on when choosing a product. 

Most people know that wattage is a measurement of electricity, but not everyone knows what it really means. Wattage is the measurement of how much work electricity does per second. Therefore, when it comes to blenders, the higher the wattage means the better the power. 

If you're looking for a blender, most experts advise finding something with at least 350 watts, but certain uses may call for more power. For example, if you want to process foods, shred vegetables, make almond butter and heat soup you'll want a blender like the Oster® Versa® Performance Blender, which packs 1400 watts of power. But if you're just mixing yogurt and berries for a small smoothie, a 250-watt Oster® My Blend® Blender can be perfect. It all comes down to use and preference. 

Similar to wattage, you should look at what the blender can do before buying one. If you're a big fan of whole foods and cooking at home, you may want to invest in a more versatile performance blender that can make flour or nut butter. If you're only trying to make milkshakes or smoothies, you may be happier with a well-made all purpose blender. 

Inspect the controls and settings that a blender has before purchasing. You want an interface that's user-friendly and allows you to operate a variety of functions with ease. Many have specific modes for different tasks or dishes. 

Lid security 
One of the most important aspects to investigate before buying a blender is that the lid is reliable. You don't want to have your food spraying all over the kitchen. Test the blender before buying or check out customer reviews to see if there are any issues with the lid. Additionally, look for lid features such as openings that allow for food plunging or pressure release.

Durability and warranty 
Another reason to check consumer feedback on the product is to make sure it lasts. When you invest in a high-quality blender, you expect it to last for years. Make sure you find a model that's well-built and lasts a long time with normal wear and tear. In case an issue does arise, find a brand with a solid warranty and great customer service.

Cleaning a blender can be annoying, so look for models that feature removable bottoms and aspects that allow for easier cleaning.