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3 Great Exercises for Muscle Mass

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Muscle growth is important for many Americans who want to become stronger or stay well while aging. But, as two exercise researchers from the University of New Mexico, Albuquerque found out in 2004, many trainers and people interested in building muscle had trouble learning about how muscle growth actually works because most information was written in complex language. 

In their article, they explained that skeletal muscles are some of the most resilient parts of the human body and how to grow muscle best. By using resistance training, people actually cause trauma to the muscle's cells. Once this minor, cellular trauma occurs, the body immediately begins to start rebuilding and making muscles larger and stronger. 

Trainers and exercise aficionados can use this UNM article to better understand the physiology of their workouts and what will help them get strong the quickest. Try one of these exercises that are designed to build muscle before you enjoy a protein shake in your personal blender

1. Four tough circuits 
Men's Fitness magazine talked to Jason Martuscello from Fuel the Movement for his advice on a muscle building exercise routine. He suggested four intense circuits of two exercises each. The magazine advised people rest for one minute between exercises within the circuit and two minutes between each set. Each circuit should be repeated three times.

Start off circuit one with 8 repetitions of deadlifting and 12 of bench pressing completed as a drop set. Circuit two calls for 8 reps of barbell reverse lunge and 12 seated close grip row reps. For circuit three, try 10 lat pulldowns followed by 10 seated barbell shoulder presses. Finish it off with 12 reps of barbell biceps curls and barbell skull crushers 12 times as a dropset. 

2. Four week routine 
Muscle and Fitness magazine has an in-depth workout that's designed to give anyone more muscle mass. It takes place over four weeks and is split into two sections. Weeks one and two are focused on heavy lifting for the upper body, while weeks three and four focus more on increasing reps and reducing fatigue - both sections aim to increase muscle size. 

3. Squats 
While many muscle mass exercises focus on the upper body, exercise advice website Body Building explained that the best way to build leg muscle strength is through squatting. The website advised people to focus on technique and posture before tackling this exercise for the best results. Squats can help build the quads and glutes. 

Consult your doctor before beginning an exercise routine to make sure you have healthy enough for athletic activity. These are suggestions for workouts, not strict directives.