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4 Thanksgiving Staples You Can Make in Your Blender

Did you know you can whip up many of your favorite Thanksgiving treats in your performance blender? Rather than spending the whole day in front of the hot stove making these delicious staples, you can let your blender do all the work. Here are a few easy recipes for Thanksgiving treats. 

1. Cranberry Sauce 
One of the best things about making your own cranberry sauce, rather than using premade options, is that you can add your favorite fruits as complementary ingredients. Many people choose to incorporate cinnamon, cherries, blueberries, apples or pears in their homemade sauce. But whichever fruits you choose to add, the key to a good sauce is having plenty of cranberries! 

Most cranberry sauce recipes use cranberries, sugar, orange juice and water as their basis. Heat this solution and any other fruits, until the berries are mushy and soft. Then let the mixture cool slightly and pour it into the blender to get the big chunks out and make it a true sauce. Let it set in the refrigerator overnight and serve the the next day.

2. Gravy
There's nothing worse than lumps in your gravy, but with a performance blender there's no need to worry - you'll get perfectly smooth gravy every time. Just mix your stock, turkey juices, flour and seasonings right into the blender, turn it on HIGH and transfer to a sauce pan to heat it up. 

As Food Embrace pointed out, working with a blender also gives you the ability to mix in vegetables for an extra blast of flavor. Try adding cooked carrots or onions into the mix before you blend for a heartier taste and thicker texture. 

3. Squash
Everyone's favorite orange side dish is easy to make with the help of your Versa performance blender. Start off by finding the perfect squash at your market. Then skin it, deseed it and slice it into large wedges. Then boil the pieces until the winter gourd is soft. Transfer the squash pieces into your your blender and mix until you have a thick puree. You may want to do this in multiple batches depending on how much you're making. 

Martha Stewart Living magazine recommended adding honey, salt and nutmeg for a sweet, flavorful kick to your blender squash. 

4. Pumpkin pie 
While pumpkin pie smoothies have become popular at home, you can also make the real thing in your performance blender. Many pumpkin pie recipes use a blender as one of the key steps in making a perfect filling. The Associated Press' Recipe Reporter explained that using a blender to mix your spices, pumpkin and sugar gives you a less grainy, smoother pie in the end.