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4 Workout Trends to Counteract Holiday Calories

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To combat the plentiful desserts and parties, many people try to get more active around the holidays. You can start eating better by whipping up green smoothies in your kitchen blender and try a trendy workout to help get in better shape and keep holiday weight gain at bay. Learn more about these four popular exercise trends that could help you meet your workout goals this season. 

1. High-intensity interval training 
If you've paid attention to exercise trends at all in recent years, you've likely heard of high-intensity interval training methods, like CrossFit or P90X. U.S. News & World Report listed high-intensity training as the No. 1 exercise trend in 2014, and it doesn't look like it's about to stop anytime soon. 

High-intensity interval training combines a variety of exercises for a comprehensive workout. People exert large amounts of energy for very short periods of time, then rest quickly. When put together, you get an intensive cardiovascular workout that focuses on multiple muscle groups.

While many people praise high-intensity interval training, others warn against the injuries many people suffer by pushing themselves too far. Professor of kinesiology and health at Georgia State University Walter Thompson told U.S. News & World Report that he wouldn't recommend these workouts to people who aren't already in great shape. 

2. ViPR workouts 
Many exercise trends are tied to specific tools, like a step or the kettlebell. ViPR is one of the newest devices that you can design a workout around. Short for "Vitality. Performance. Reconditioning," ViPR is a rubber tube that can weigh anywhere between 44 and 8.8 pounds. 

This tool is designed for movement-related workouts that resemble work done on a farm, ViPR's website explained. The Huffington Post pointed to ViPR as one of the most popular workout choices today because of how it incorporates the whole body. 

3. Self-Limiting Movement
While CrossFit remains popular with many exercise enthusiasts, Men's Fitness magazine explained that others are leaving CrossFit for self-limiting movement workouts. These exercises help people improve their range of motion and ability to complete other exercises, like sled pushing, the magazine explained. Rather than following specific exercises that can lead to injury, these workouts are designed for each individual, working to strengthen the areas where she or he is weakest. 

4. Pound 
Combine music, pilates, drumsticks and nonstop cardio, and you get Pound, and about 900 burned calories, according to Shape magazine. This new workout trend uses drumsticks for a creative and musical cardio workout class that can help people who aren't partial to typical gym exercises stay fit. 

Consult your doctor before beginning an exercise routine to make sure you are ready for athletic activity. These are suggestions for workouts, not strict directives.