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4 Last Minute Costumes for Fitness Fanatics

If you love making your body stronger and healthier, whether by waking up early to get a jog in or replacing breakfast with nutritious smoothie straight from your personal blender, Halloween can be a great time to celebrate and poke fun at your fitness fanatic persona. Try one of these four costume ideas to show off your physique and have fun with exercise.

1. Put Yourself on a Box of Wheaties 
Being on the front of this General Mills cereal is synonymous with fame and athletic prowess. But, no matter how fit and healthy you are, you're unlikely to ever actually be on a real Wheaties box, so why not pretend for a night?

Whether you buy a Wheaties Box costume or construct your own with orange paint and cardboard, this popular option is a tongue-in-cheek way to show off your athletic hopes with a bit of creativity. 

2. Become Your Favorite Olympian 
Dressing up like a famous character or celebrity has long been the way to win 'best costume' at any party or Halloween celebration. Take this one step further and celebrate your most beloved Olympic athlete.

Men can dress up as Usain Bolt with a pair of old track shoes and a Jamaica jersey. Women can be McKayla Maroney with a meme-ready smirk and gymnastics gear. Or anyone can be Olympic great Mark Spitz with a bushy fake mustache and an excuse to show off your abs.

The key to any Olympic costume is plenty of gold medals hanging around your neck. 

3. Play a Fictitious Athlete 
If you don't want to dress up as a real-life athletic hero, try a character from your favorite movie, TV show or book instead. Whether from "Rocky", "The Sandlot", "Friday Night Lights", "Flashdance" or "A League of Their Own," there are plenty of great characters in popular culture that you can use as a model for a fun and funny costume with a focus on fitness. Halloween party guests and trick-or-treating parents will get a kick out of classic movie characters as well as more obscure ones from your childhood. 

4. Anything You Can Run In 
Active magazine explained that more fitness fanatics have been running in their costumes as part of a 5K or team race recently. This can be a a great alternative to team uniforms or just a fun excuse to dress up. If you're thinking  of taking part in a Halloween race like these, the magazine reminded you to make sure sneakers are part of your costume, as well as plenty of creativity.