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7 Reasons You Deserve a Delicious Smoothie

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If you're looking for an excuse to enjoy a tasty smoothie to kick off your week, check out some of the extraordinary benefits smoothies can offer. 

1. Smoothies are a great way to consume nutrients
Smoothies give you the unique ability to blend a variety of foods together into one beverage that's dense with whichever nutrients you choose to highlight. You can load it up with yogurt or peanut butter for protein, fruit for vitamins and antioxidants, and vegetables for more vitamins and minerals. Smoothies allow for a variety of nutrients that most foods don't to be delivered all together and quickly.

2. They can help you get fiber as well 
Juicing vegetables and fruits became popular as a way to get lots of vitamins easily, but it also eliminated the fiber. The San Francisco Chronicle explained that blenders allow for fiber however, by leaving the whole fruit, whereas juicers extract the skin and seeds. Pears, apples and blackberries can deliver some of the most fiber to your smoothies. 

3. Smoothies are perfect for busy schedules 
Although you want to start each morning with a healthy breakfast, sometimes there just isn't time. Luckily smoothies are easy to make. Just put all your ingredients in your personal blender, mix it up and pour into a to-go cup while you run out the door. It's a lot better than waiting in line for breakfast on the way to work.  

4. They can help you hydrate 
The Science of Eating explained that smoothies are a great source of hydration. The water, juice, milk, yogurt or ice used will help hydrate far more than other popular beverages like coffee and soda. But rather than just having a glass of milk or bottle of water, smoothies also deliver tons of nutrients and a great taste. 

5. Smoothies don't have to be expensive 
Smoothies at the gym or a smoothie bar can be expensive, but VegKitchen explained that you can make yourself a healthy smoothie for a fraction of the cost at home in your all purpose blender. Many places sell smoothies for between $5 to $10, but if you buy a tub of yogurt, a bunch of bananas, a quart of strawberries and ice yourself, you can spend about $10 and make six times as many tasty smoothies.

6. You can get creative 
What comes to your mind when you think of smoothies? Fruit? Yogurt? Kale? The beauty of the smoothie is that it can really be anything. Feel free to try out potentially delicious combinations of your favorite ingredients to make something filled with nutrition, like adding carrots with an orange smoothie to boost its antioxidants. 

7. They taste great 
Don't hesitate to treat yourself at the beginning of the week. Smoothies obviously can be an excellent source of nutrients, but they can also be delicious. Feel free to load up your smoothie with sweet ingredients like pineapple, mango, apple or strawberries.