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How to Make a Protein-Packed Breakfast Smoothie

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It's important to kick your morning off right with a healthy breakfast full of protein to fuel through the morning commute and the rest of the day. But there's rarely enough time during the work week to sit down to eggs without getting out the door late. Spare yourself the greasy to-go breakfast sandwiches and cold pastries, and whip up your own smoothie in your personal blender for a quick, inexpensive healthy and delicious breakfast solution.

If you want to add a protein-rich breakfast smoothie to your morning routine here are a few tips to making a custom breakfast beverage that you'll thoroughly enjoy.  

Get nutty 
Nuts and legumes are great sources of protein. Peanut, cashew, almond or other nut butters give you a high concentration of protein, not to mention they make for a more substantial smoothie - perfect for first thing in the morning. If you've only got whole nuts on hand, try soaking them for one to three hours so they blend more easily.

Don't forget the dairy 
When most people think of protein it's likely that meat or nuts come to mind, but many dairy products have plenty of protein to add to your smoothie too. Don't worry, this doesn't have to turn into a early morning milkshake, but a scoop of yogurt, Greek yogurt, cottage cheese or milk can inject some protein and creamy flavor into your smoothie. 

Consider grain and seeds 
Many people know about the health benefits of popular superfoods like quinoa, flax seeds, soy, oats, pumpkin seeds or chia seeds, but don't know how to consume these foods or don't like the taste. By adding one or a few of these ingredients into your smoothie you'll supercharge your breakfast, loading it with protein and other nutrients. 

Add protein powder 
There are more creative ways to add protein to your breakfast smoothie (including raw eggs), but protein powder is an effective and simple solution that can give you precise control over how much protein you're getting. 

Think about complementary ingredients 
Your early morning smoothie isn't just going to be protein, you'll want juice, fruits and other ingredients. Consider which ingredients will go best with the protein you choose. For example, a banana smoothie may taste better with peanut butter, while a berry-based smoothie works great with Greek yogurt and walnuts.