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6 Spring Workout Tips

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With warm weather and beautiful scenery, the spring is the perfect time to start or restart your workout routine. Here are a few tips that can help you crush your workout this spring. 

1. Find a workout partner 
Whether it's an old friend, a family member, your spouse or someone you know from the gym, working out with a partner can help you stick to your fitness regimen. Exercising with another person can help you push yourself and stick to a regular schedule. It also gives you someone to talk to, making your workouts more pleasant and easier to do every day. 

Additionally, a workout partner may broaden the number of workout activities you can do. 

Get the right workout gear this spring. Get the right workout gear this spring.

2. Get the right gear 
This spring, take a minute to reevaluate your workout gear. If your sneakers are old and worn down, they might not be giving you the best support, and the same goes for other equipment. Spring clean your closet and invest in some new workout attire that will assist you in meeting your goals for the season. 

3. Make better exercise snacks 
Whether your goal is to build muscle or lose weight, your diet is an important part of your exercise routine. This spring, reconsider what you eat and drink before and after your workouts. Use your personal blender to whip up protein-rich exercise smoothies following a workout and hydrating, fruity smoothies for beforehand. 

Make the perfect post-workout smoothie in your blender. Make the perfect post-workout smoothie in your blender.

4. Work it out before you workout 
Plan out your exercise routines before you start. This can help you make goals and then follow through to meet them. Keep a journal to track your progress this spring and create new workout routines based on your evolving goals. 

5. Sign up for an event 
Motivate yourself to workout this season by signing up for a race or event. Whether it's a 5K or a rough terrain obstacle course, it will give you an athletic event to look forward to and motivation to push yourself at the end of your next workout. 

Motivate yourself by signing up for a race. Motivate yourself by signing up for a race.

6. Try a new sport 
It's springtime, so make sure you get outside to enjoy the weather. Try your hand a new sport, such as basketball, soccer, tennis or cycling. Consider joining a local recreation league team to meet people and give yourself a regular schedule.