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Plant These Foods in your Garden for Tasty Blender Treats

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If you love using your high-performance blender to make everything from smoothies to sauces, consider planting foods in your garden that you'll be able to use. This will give you complete control over your food from cultivation to digestion. Try planting these tasty fruits, vegetables and herbs. 

This leafy herb is a great option to plant in your garden. It grows easily and can be harvested throughout the year. You can use it fresh in your cooking or blend up some pine nuts and olive oil in your performance blender for a delicious pesto. 

Use fresh basil on a sandwich on in a smoothie for distinctive flavor. Use fresh basil on a sandwich or in a smoothie for distinctive flavor.

Whether your climate is better for strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, blueberries or all four, berries are a fun fruit to grow at home. Once these fruits are ripe, you can toss them in your blender for a vitamin- and mineral-rich smoothie or make them into a longer lasting jam. Just make sure you use netting on your garden berries to keep the birds away. 

Try your hand at growing berries in your garden. See how many varieties of berries you can grow at home. 

Kale (and other leafy greens)
Don't be intimidated - growing kale, spinach or other greens at home can be simple. Use these popular leafy veggies as the basis for your nutrient-rich green smoothies. 

If you're worried about growing herbs at home because you don't have a green thumb, try mint. Mint can thrive in gardens and spreads quickly. You can use it as a flavorful accent in smoothies, sauces and a number of dinner dishes. 

Use homegrown mint as an ingredient of a garnish in blended drinks. Use homegrown mint as an ingredient or a garnish in blended drinks.

Carrots are a great option for your home garden. While they're not terribly hard to find at the grocery store, these vegetables are easy to grow if you have the space in your yard. Use your performance blender to turn your fresh-grown carrots into smoothies or natural juice.