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Try These Nutritious Milkshake Options

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Milkshakes or frappes are made from three main ingredients: milk, ice cream and flavoring. Once you throw these components into your blender and turn it on, you'll have a frothy, tasty concoction you can sip through a straw.

However, no matter how delicious and fun milkshakes can be, they rarely offer much in the sense of nutrition. Instead, they just add fat, sugar and artificial flavors to your diet. Consider adjusting one or more of the ingredients in your favorite milkshake recipe for these more nutritious options. 

1. Milk 
Whether you're looking to cut out some calories, saturated fat or lactose, it can be a good idea to use an alternative to cow's milk in your next milkshake. 

Soy milk is close to traditional milk. It provides protein with fewer calories and a similar, rich texture. Soy also works well for milkshakes because it comes in flavored varieties, such as vanilla or chocolate, which can enhance a milkshake. 

Certain types of soy milk can offer benefits over cow milk. Certain types of soy milk can offer benefits over cow milk.

Almond milk is another alternative option. It can provide your milkshake with an assortment of vitamins and minerals, including more calcium and fewer calories than traditional cow's milk in some options. 

Rice milk is a thinner liquid, but works well for people who have many allergies. Coconut milk is another great option, but its distinctive flavor only works with certain milkshake flavors. 

2. Ice cream  
There's nothing that can completely replicate the sweet, rich creaminess of ice cream, but when you're making a milkshake, there are a few smarter alternatives that can mimic the texture and provide extra sweetness. 

A frozen banana whipped in the blender looks and tastes very similar to ice cream, but it only has the nutritional attributes of a banana. Other frozen fruits and natural fruit juices can provide similar ice cream alternatives. 

Frozen yogurt, whether store-bought or homemade, can also provide your milkshake with the texture and flavor that ice cream provides. Sorbet and coconut milk ice cream can also be smart choices, but check the label before using to see how much sugar and fat the variety has. 

Don't be afraid to use real flavors in your blender for a better milkshake. Don't be afraid to use real flavors in your blender for a better milkshake.

3. Flavoring 
Whether its chocolate syrup, caramel sauce or bright red strawberry flavoring, the ingredients that give milkshakes their custom flavors typically have no nutritional benefits. Skip the artificial flavors and corn syrup for the real thing! 

Use real fruit and spices to flavor your milkshakes. It'll provide better flavor and allow you more control over your milkshake when you blend it. For extra sweetener, use a small amount of real honey or maple syrup instead of sugar or corn syrup for a more natural flavor.