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5 Ways to Make Better Tasting Rice

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Rice isn't just one of the most popular foods today, it's one of the oldest foods humans have ever grown. According to the University of California Davis, rice has likely fed more people throughout the world for a longer amount of time than any other food. 

Although this simple grain has staying power, it doesn't always have the most exciting flavor. Try another age-old tradition by spicing up the taste of your rice dishes. Use your Oster® 20-Cup Digital Rice Cooker and one of these rice flavoring tricks to make a dish that you'll enjoy. 

1. Use Broth 
Rice is cooked by soaking in hot water. Rice cookers make this process simpler because it keeps your water at the correct temperature and prevents over cooking, which can ruin rice. However, if you want to inject a little extra flavor, why not change up the liquid you use? Since the rice soaks up the liquid, this is the best way to flavor each grain. 

Include flavor-filled rice in your next meal. Include flavor-filled rice in your next meal.

Use vegetable or meat-based broth to truly transform the flavor of this grain. It's the perfect side dish pairing for a large dinner as well as on its own. 

2. Add Pesto 
Try adding a hearty helping of pesto to your freshly cooked rice. Stir it in and this oily, rich green sauce will boost your rice's flavor to new levels. Stir your pesto in while it's still hot to make it mix more easily. Also, consider making your own pesto for a real homemade meal.

3. Go Sweet 
Although people typically opt for savory flavors in their rice, sweet options are available as well. Try adding a small amount of honey, palm sugar, cinnamon, brown sugar or even fruit like mango to your rice for a sweet touch. 

"Consider using coconut oil in your rice."

4. Include Your Favorite Herbs 
Pesto isn't the only way you can add herbal flavors to your rice. Try adding in the herbs directly. Whether you add the herbs directly to the rice while cooking, saute a sauce to serve on top of the rice or add it after, your favorite herbs, such as cilantro, are the perfect options for your rice. 

5. Pour in a Little Oil 
Try adding a bit of oil to your rice while it cooks for a richer flavor that actually changes the texture and chemical composition of the rice as well. Many communities in Southeast Asia and the Caribbean use coconut oil, but other variations like olive oil work well too.