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6 Foods That Are Secretly Meant to be Cooked in a Waffle Maker

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Your waffle maker doesn't just make perfect waffles every time you want them. It can also cook a number of other foods for breakfast, brunch or any time. Here are a a few dishes you can cook up in your waffle maker

1. Bacon 
This is probably the best known "waffle maker hack," but it's popular because it works. Cooking bacon on the stove can be a pain. Hot grease sprays up, only one side of the meat cooks at a time and you have to be attentive. In a waffle maker the bacon is contained, both sides are cooked and grease can easily be drained. 

2. Omelet or Hash Browns 
Just like a griddle or a skillet used in a diner, your waffle is a hot surface that can make breakfast food in a matter of minutes. In theory, you could make almost any diner dish on this surface, however some work better than others. Omelets and hash browns work particularly well. 

All you need to do is toast your raw ingredients on the bottom iron of the waffle maker and close it to cook. For an omelet, mix your egg, cheese and other ingredients first then pour on the waffle maker. For hash brown, just spread out the potato bits along with pepper, cheese or anything else you want to add and cook it. 

Don't forget that you can make fantastic waffle in your waffle maker as well.Don't forget that you can make fantastic waffles in your waffle maker as well.

3. Grilled Cheese 
If you ever get tired of the traditional grilled cheese shape, spruce it up with your waffle maker. Although it's not panini press, the waffle maker will surely get the job done and toast you a gooey, cheesy sandwich. Kids will love this waffly sandwich. You can make quesadillas in your waffle maker as well. 

4. Cookies  
You can actually make cookies in your waffle maker. Other desserts, such as brownies or cakes, can be difficult to make on the appliance, but cookie dough can work well. It's a fun option that people will get a kick out of. 

5. French Toast 
No more flipping your french toast. Just toss a fresh slice of this delicious breakfast treat in your waffle maker and close it for a bit and you'll have breakfast in no time. This works well for french toast sticks or bites as well. 

6. Falafel
Fan of falafel? How about a waffle falafel? You can make this toasted chickpea treat in your waffle iron for a unique-shaped snack. Just pick your favorite falafel recipe and toast it in the maker before eating.