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Appliance Essentials for a New College Apartment

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While dorm life may give students a great chance to live away from home for the first time, it's missing many of the amenities of a typical home, particularly a kitchen. However, a college apartment allows students the space and facilities to make their food whether they choose to make something simple or elaborate. 

If you or someone you know is moving into a college apartment, check out these compact, quality appliances. They can enhance a college apartment without taking up much space, allowing students the chance to make anything they want from a turkey dinner to toast. 

Personal Blender
Many health-conscious students have smoothies or shakes almost daily. Some students blend up a fresh protein shake after spending time at the health center after class, while others use smoothies as a quick, nutrient-filled fruity breakfast option you can take out the door each morning. 

Regardless of why students go for smoothies, a personal blender can be a great option. Compact and versatile, the blender not only blends food but it can be used as a sports bottle to drink from as well. 

A roaster pan lets college students make meals as large or small as they want to. A roaster oven lets college students make meals as large or small as they want to.

Roaster Oven 
College students aren't typically renowned for their cooking skills, but maybe they just don't have the tools. A quality roaster oven can allow students to cook up nearly anything. From a full pork loin to vegetable saute, roaster ovens are small enough to store on the countertop, but versatile enough to slow cook and sear. 

Another versatile option students might enjoy is a slow cooker. These appliances allow students to set up a dinner before they go to class, then when they get home all they need to do is serve themselves.

Multi​-use Toaster Oven
Versatility is key in a college kitchen. In addition to space typically being at a premium, there are usually a few roommates around making food as well. A toaster oven is a great versatile appliance that can let you make anything from toast and sandwiches to pizza. 

"Another versatile option students might enjoy is a slow cooker. "

Electric Griddle
College students might wake a little bit later than the average adult, but that doesn't mean they don't love breakfast. A griddle is a great option for making everyone's favorite breakfast foods: pancakes, eggs, bacon, omelets and sausages. 

However, you can make even more dishes with an electric griddle. Food such as quesadilla and paninis can be made on a griddle as well. 

Electric Skillet
Electric skillets are a great way for college students to cook. This quick-heating, walled pan just plugs in and heats up to whatever it's set at. From there, students can make tons of recipes. 

It's the perfect appliance for stir-fry. College students on a budget can simply buy foods that are on sale, inexpensive produce and some noodles. Once they cook it and season it in the electric skillet, they're have a great-tasting meal in no time.