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Best Fresh Fruit Topping Combinations for Your Homemade Ice Cream

If you're craving a sweet, frozen treat, why not consider making your own ice cream? Not only can you create the exact flavors you love in your ice cream maker, but it's a family-friendly activity that kids love as well. 

Before you dig in and enjoy the finished product, don't forget that the real fun is in the details. Toppings and add-ons are a must. However, you're not limited to chocolate and sprinkles. Add fresh fruit for a more authentic taste that has fewer calories than most candies without losing any of the flavor. Here are a few of the best fruit and ice cream pairings you can try at home. 

Peaches and Vanilla Ice Cream 
You've probably heard of peaches and cream, so why not peaches and ice cream? After you whip up a batch of vanilla ice cream, simply cut a fresh peach or two into wedges, slices or chunks. Dump them on top of your ice cream and enjoy the mixing of sweet peach nectar and creamy vanilla. It's the perfect complement. 

Peaches go great with vanilla ice cream.Peaches go great with vanilla ice cream.

Kiwi and Strawberry Ice Cream 
Kiwi and strawberry are popular flavor combinations in everything from yogurt to juice, so why not carry on this tradition with your ice cream? Simply serve yourself some freshly made strawberry yogurt with chunks of ripe kiwi. Not only is the flavor guaranteed to be fun, but the colorful green and pink look of the dish is festive as well. 

Cherries and Dark Chocolate Ice Cream 
Add a few pitted and washed cherries on top of your chocolate ice cream. It'll give you the rich flavor of a chocolate covered cherry along with the juiciness of the fresh berry. Feel free to halve or quarter the cherries and stir them in with your ice cream. 

If you love cherries, look into making cherry sorbet. If you love cherries, look into making cherry sorbet.

Strawberries and Mint Chocolate Chip 
If you're a fan of complex flavor combinations, this one is for you. Make a batch of mint chocolate chip ice cream in your kitchen. This already is combining the richness of chocolate with a cool minty base. Then add in chunks of fresh picked strawberries. The more berries the better. You'll be left with a dessert that combines multiple forms of sweetness in various ways.