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How To Make the Perfect Panini

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There's nothing better for lunch than a delicious panini. With warm golden brown toast, gooey cheese and plenty of meat and veggies, this is the way a sandwich is meant to be enjoyed. However, if you've never made a panini before it can be hard to make the sandwich perfect on the first try. Use these tips to make a better panini in your kitchen. 

Coat Your Bread 
What makes a panini a "panini" instead of just a plain sandwich is the way that it's toasted and pressed together. To get those golden, crispy toasted edges on your panini, it's important to coat your bread with butter or olive oil. These greasy substances will add flavor to your sandwich and give it the perfect exterior instead of burnt marks.

Use a panini maker to cook up the perfect sandwich.Use a panini maker to cook up the perfect sandwich.

Use a Panini Maker 
Another key to getting a panini that's toasted to perfection is using the right tool. Don't risk burning your sandwich on a stovetop pan. Use a panini maker instead. This appliance heats both sides of your panini at the same time for even and efficient cooking. You'll be able to toast your bread and melt your cheese in a matter of minutes - you can even make more than one sandwich at the same time. 

Additionally, with a Oster® DuraCeramic™ Panini Maker, you don't have to worry about nonstick sprays or parchment paper - the panini maker is designed with a unique DuraCeramic™ natural ceramic non-stick coated surface that keeps your panini from sticking. 

Save the Greens for the End 
When you're making a panini, it's important to heat all of your ingredients together. Not only does it bond them together in one warm sandwich, but it also helps combine the flavors. However, there's one group of ingredients you shouldn't heat: the greens. 

Add your lettuce, spinach, arugula and other greens to the panini after it's done toasting. If you include it on your sandwich during the heating, it will wilt. Keep it for the end and it will stay fresh and crisp. 

Use the Right Ratio and the Best Ingredients