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Unlock the Power of These Ingredients by Pureeing Them

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Nobody wants to eat a bland meal. Everything from chicken to pasta can be enhanced with a little extra flavor. Many recipes call for minced herbs or chopped spices, but if you really want to improve the flavor you should consider pureeing. 

Why Puree? 
You might think of pureeing as better suited to baby food than well-made adult cuisine, but this process can actually help upgrade your meal. Pureeing helps reduce your food to its smallest possible size, increasing its surface area and allowing other foods to absorb the flavor better. Pureeing can also release juices and oils that may not come out with typical chopping or cutting, and even changes the way your body digests food. 

Another benefit to pureeing is that it's simple. Rather than painstakingly mincing an herb or slicing a vegetable, all you need to do is place your item in your food processor. Just add the food to your food processor, select the attachment that best fits your needs and let it do all the hard work. You'll be left with ingredients that are ready for use immediately. It makes cooking and food preparation as easy as possible. 

Puree stubborn vegetables and herbs for better results. Puree stubborn vegetables and herbs for better results.

Puree These Foods for Added Flavor 
While you can puree nearly any food, there are certain flavorful additions that work best. Check out these 4 foods that work great as puree: 

  1. Garlic - Cutting garlic can be a pain, and minced garlic that you buy at the store is convenient but not fresh. Keep it simple and fresh by pureeing your garlic cloves into a flavor-packed paste. It's just the thing for pasta sauce, stir fry, garlic bread and much more. 
  2. Onion - Tired of crying every time you cook? Rather than slicing through tears, let your food processor do the hard work. Puree your onion into a convenient sauce that you can use to cook meat, veggies or anything else to give it that unique onion flavor.  
  3. Hot Peppers - Trying to give your soup or grilled chicken a real kick? Puree some of your favorite peppers and let your dish soak up all the spices, smokiness and flavor that the pepper has to offer. 
  4. Fresh Herbs - From basil to cilantro, herbs are the perfect puree ingredients. Just pluck some herbs from your garden and throw them in the food processor. You'll have the exact flavor your looking to add in a concentrated and easy to use form, perfect for whatever you need.