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Best Gift Ideas for Your first Christmas Living Together

If this is your first Christmas living with your significant other, it can be intimidating, but don't worry. There are plenty of fun and practical gift ideas. Here are a few gift ideas for your partner that will improve your home.

A Professional Blender
A blender may not seem like the most exciting gift at first, but once you read what it can do, you'll wonder how you ever lived without one. Professional blenders are high-powered blenders that can do much more than make milkshakes. From nutritious fruit smoothies and protein shakes to fresh-made peanut butter, salsa fresca and soup, you'll be using your blender daily. It's a great gift for a partner who loves eating well or cooking.

Try out a professional blender. Try out a professional blender.

New Artwork
Whether you frame a photograph you took yourself, find a print of a famous work or buy something unique online, artwork is a great gift that can improve your space and make your significant other happy every time they walk by. It's a great chance to add a little color to your home or improve a blank wall.

Breakfast Appliances
Eating breakfast together is one of the many benefits of living with someone else, so why not make it even better with some Grade A appliances? Consider getting your partner an electric griddle, a waffle maker or even a yogurt maker!

This will make breakfast fun and delicious. It's a great gift to pair with a cookbook too.

Fresh Greenery
A great gift to liven up any room of the house is some live plants in stylish containers. Consider larger floor plants for the living room, small window plants for the bathroom and even a desk plant for the bedroom.

Greenery also works particularly well in the kitchen. Get your new housemate an herb garden for the kitchen. This will help improve your your cooking range with fresh ingredients and look great doing it.

A Roaster Oven
Does your partner like saving time and money on the energy bill? Then a roaster oven might be the right appliance for you. This versatile countertop appliance heats up quicker and uses less energy than a traditional stove and can cook everything from vegetables to a 20-pound turkey. Plus, it doesn't take up your oven space. So if you and your partner are hosting for the first time, you'll have plenty of room for side dishes.

Interesting Bedding
Just as greenery and artwork can inject a little style and color into your home, so can your bedding. Whether it's pillows, sheets or a duvet cover, these materials allow you to transform the look of your bedroom and your home over all.

A Vacation
Living together can be a great experiment, but that doesn't mean you can't also travel with your significant other. Think outside the box and gift him or her a trip to somewhere fun and exciting. In addition to the tickets or reservation, make sure you give your partner a booklet or pamphlet with great pictures and information to spur their excitement!