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How to Cook in Harmony: Sharing the Kitchen

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Whether you're in a large kitchen or a small cooking space, it can easily get crowded. With more than one person working to bake a cake or prepare a meal, it's easy to get frustrated, annoyed or simply have difficulty getting your meal made. Luckily, there are certain ways that you can make this difficult situation a little bit easier. Here are a few tips on how to share your kitchen with success this season.

1. Divide Tasks
Whether you're in the kitchen with your friend, your sister or your in-law, it can be difficult when you're all trying to do the same thing. Instead of waiting in a line for the range or the sink, simply divide tasks with your fellow kitchen users. Have one person dice vegetables for multiple dishes, while another mans the stovetop and a third washes dishes. Everyone will have their own domain and won't have to worry about literally or figuratively stepping on anyone's toes.

Everyone can have his or her own role in the kitchen. Everyone can have his or her own role in the kitchen.

2. Use Multiple Cook Stations
Sometimes one range isn't enough. Rather than fighting over one oven or stovetop, set up multiple cook areas around the kitchen. Use a roaster oven for major dishes such as turkey or chicken and an electric skillet for things like roasted vegetables. These are great ways to spread out the cooking resources and can also be more effective with certain dishes. It can save space and cook  time. 

3. Communicate Better
The key to any relationship is clear communication and that means in the kitchen too. Let your other kitchen users know if you need to use an appliance for a certain amount of time or if you need space. Simply talk out what your plan is and identify any possible problem areas before proceeding. It's a smart way to avoid headaches later on. 

"The key to any relationship is clear communication and that means in the kitchen too."

4. Keep It Clean 
Nothing makes a kitchen more chaotic than a buildup of dirty dishes and unused appliances. Make sure that you and anyone else using the kitchen keeps everything tidy and puts items away that are no longer necessary. It's a simple way to keep your counters clear and your kitchen uncrowded. 

5. Use Other Rooms for Certain Tasks 
Don't try to overload yourself by having the appetizers and drinks in the kitchen. Place these and other items in the dining room or living room where they can still serve a useful purpose but no longer require everyone to congregate in the kitchen. It's the perfect and polite way to tell people you need them out of your space while you prepare the meal. 

6. Prep Ahead of Time 
From setting the table to pulling out the appliance you need, getting your home and kitchen ready ahead of time can save you a lot of issues when the guests finally arrive.