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How to Make the Most Decadent Hot Chocolate

Tis the season to be indulgent! Other times of the year may call for more discipline and restrictive diets, but this time, give you a chance to enjoy a truly delicious winter treat: hot chocolate. When it comes to hot chocolate, it's a good idea to go in 100 percent. It can be a rich, creamy and delicious treat, so don't try to dilute its magic at all - just embrace it. 

Follow these directions to make the perfect mug or two of hot chocolate. 

Use Milk Instead of Water 
Water may get the job done if you're trying to cook up some quick instant hot cocoa, but if you want to truly enjoy a decadent mug of the best stuff, you have to ensure that you use milk and cream. 

Start off by getting a small induction saucepan and your Oster® Personal Induction Cooktop. This will let you heat your milk to the perfect temperature in no time and let you make this treat whether you're at home, on a camping trip or visiting relatives. 

Next, pour in a mixture that's 80 percent milk and 20 percent light cream. Heat this liquid and stir regularly. As it's warming, prepare to add the chocolate mix.

Get your chocolate ready. Get your chocolate ready.

Choose the Right Chocolate 
If you're trying to make the most decadent hot chocolate possible, you'll want to steer clear of the pre-packaged powder packets. You may have other mixes or shaved chocolate that you do want to use however, which can work great. 

If you don't have anything, you can make your own hot chocolate mix with powdered sugar, cocoa power, bits of chocolate, salt and vanilla extract. Feel free to include exotic cocoa powder or unusual chocolate flavorings. Often people opt for darker chocolate. 

Combine the chocolate mix with the milk and cream on the personal induction cooktop. Stir over heat until your hot chocolate is thoroughly mixed and hot enough. 

"Choose a mug that will let you enjoy the warmth of the hot chocolate."

Think About Your Mug 
Now it's time to pick that perfect mug. Before you pour the mixture into any old container, make sure you find the right one. Choose a mug that will let you enjoy the warmth of the hot chocolate on your hands while providing plenty of space on top for garnishes and goodies. 

Focus on the Garnishes 
Although the hot chocolate itself is packed with delicious flavors, there's more room in that mug for tasty treats. Top your hot chocolate with whipped cream and a few mini marshmallows. Consider adding in a candy cane stirrer for extra flavor or a dash or a squirt of chocolate syrup on top for a richer flavor. Anything from a sprinkle of cinnamon to your favorite candy can enhance the flavor of your hot chocolate - so get creative!

Enjoy It 
You have your decadent hot chocolate at your finger tips, now all you need to do is kick back and sip it slowly.