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How to Unwind From the Holiday Festivities

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The holidays can be one of the most stressful times of the year. With presents to buy, parties to attend, gifts to wrap, trees to decorate and large dinners to make, when you're at the end it's a great time to kick back and relax. When you're done with Christmas, New Years and the entire holiday season, take some time for yourself and try out one of these relaxing ideas. 

Schedule Some Unstructured Time 
Although you may be on vacation during the holidays, it might not feel relaxing if you're busy nonstop. Whether you are hosting relatives or trying to attend multiple parties on the same day, it can be tough. But after the holidays are over, it's a great opportunity to circle a day on the calendar where you won't make any plans. 

Schedule a lazy day where you can sleep in, binge watch that show you wanted to catch up on, curl up with a book or just plain do nothing. This is a great chance to physically and mentally recharge before you start the new year.  

Give yourself a chance to rest. Give yourself a chance to rest.

Make a Nice Dinner for Yourself 
Many people spend the holidays cooking and baking for other people. Whether it's a cookie swap, latkes or a big holiday dinner, these meals can be fun but exhausting as well. Unwind after the holidays by making a nice meal just for yourself. Find a recipe for something that you'll enjoy making as much as you'll like eating it. Enjoy every aspect of it from preparation to cooking to eating this special meal. 

And make sure you pair that indulgent meal with something good to drink. Use your cordless electric wine opener to uncork a great bottle of wine to pair with your ideal meal. 

Run, Walk or Play 
Although being lazy may be the only thing you want to do after a hectic holiday season, being active might actually end up making you feel better. Force yourself to get out the door and do something athletic and fun. A game of pick-up basketball at your gym, a session of yoga or a nice jog, can all get you moving and will help your body and mind unwind in the long run. 

Whether you have a lot of new gifts or a messy home after a big party, it's always a great idea to organize to start off the year. Spend a little time sorting that junk drawer or overfilled closet to help get rid of the holiday stress. It's also a great idea to declutter your mind as well with lists, goals and organizational charts.