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Tools to Make the Best New Year's Breakfast

The end of the year means some time off work for millions of Americans. This is a great opportunity to sleep in a little bit later and enjoy a long breakfast or brunch with the people you love. If you're looking forward to a great holiday or vacation breakfast this year, here are a few of the tools you'll want to make sure you have handy.

Waffle Maker
Nothing says indulgent breakfast better than fresh waffles. But the truth is these fluffy, golden brown morning treats are actually not hard to make if you have the right equipment. Choose an Oster DuraCeramic™ Waffle Maker for a kitchen appliance that will allow you to make dozens of waffles in no time that's also easy to clean.

It's perfect whether you're cooking for yourself or making a large brunch for the whole family.

Make delicious brunch these holidays. Make delicious brunch this New Years.

Electric Griddle
Don't struggle with a crooked stovetop or a small frying pan. Opt for an electric griddle instead. This handy countertop appliance allows you to fry up bacon, pancakes, eggs and anything else on a large, flat surface just like they do at the diner.

Plus, this energy-efficient appliance saves you stove space so that you can have the kettle going at the same time. Some griddle models even have warming areas so that those late-sleeping family members won't miss out on breakfast.

You may also want to think about a skillet. It carries all the same benefits as the electric griddle but it has sides that allow you to make hash or home fries.

Smoothie Blender
Breakfast isn't just about waffles and bacon. Give your guests the opportunity to enjoy fruits and dairy as well with a delicious smoothie. Use a professional or personal blender to combine fresh berries, yogurt, juice, kale and any other nutritious ingredients you want for a tasty drink that will help you start the day on the right foot.

Electric Kettle
Whether you're making tea for 10 people or trying out a new French press, an electric kettle will allow you to boil water quickly and easily. All you need to do is fill up the kettle, place it on the stand and hit the button. It's fast and simple.

You can place the kettle in rooms where the stove isn't. This allows you to give guests a chance to make tea in their rooms or place the kettle in the dining room so people can top off their tea with ease.