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5 Ways to Get Yourself Back into a Workout Routine

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If you're faltering on your New Year's resolutions or got off track with your workout routine because of some bad weather, fear not - you can back into the habit of exercising and eating well with these simple tips. 

1. Make a plan 
Sometimes the first steps to getting fit and eating better is to establish goals and write them down. For some people, this will be enough excitement to get yourself motivated to start up your workouts. For others, written goals will help create the boundaries of exactly what you hope to accomplish and how you plan to execute it. 

For example, if you write down that you're giving up a specific food group or running for 30 minutes everyday, you're establishing an executable task that you need to complete before the day is over rather than a vaguer goal like "eating better," which is harder to keep. 

Creating a list of actionable goals is a great motivator. Creating a list of actionable goals is a great motivator.

2. Reward yourself with sensible options 
There are few better motivators than a reward. Better health and a fitter body may be your reason for exercising, but watching the next episode of your favorite show or enjoying a smoothie is a good reward for right now.

Consider prepping your personal blender before your workout, so that when you're tired from pushing your limits, you can blend your low-calorie snack in less than a minute. It'll taste sweet like a treat, but still keep you on pace to meet those goals. 

"Consider prepping your personal blender before your workout."

3. Rethink your activity 
If you stopped working out because you were tired of paying gym fees or don't like running, you may want to reconsider your physical activity. Some people do well with the independence of exercising at a gym, while other prefer racket sports like squash or team games such as basketball where there's a competition factor that can help you stick with it. Try signing up for a league or a team to motivate yourself. 

4. Keep track of your progress 
You don't necessarily have to monitor weight loss or count calories, but keeping a diary of your habits can help you stay motivated. A record of your workout will let you see your progress toward reaching your goal and make you more likely to stick with and not break your streak. 

5. Just dip your toe in 
Sometimes people fail to reach their exercise goals because they start off too big. Don't worry about losing a certain amount of weight in a month or working out for two hours everyday.

If you bite off more than you can chew, you're less likely to succeed. Get back into the swing of things with a smaller, specific goal that you know you can accomplish. Once you meet this more manageable objective, you may be able to increase your scope and meet even tougher goals than you originally thought.