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Make Your Own Blended Drinks from Around the Globe

When you're craving something cold and sweet but don't want the same old vanilla milkshake you've known how to make since you were little, try looking outside your comfort zone for an international beverage that can be made in your blender. 

Moroccan Avocado Milkshake 
Morocco, the northwestern African country located just south of Spain on the Mediterranean Sea, may be better known for its mint tea than milkshakes, but when most of your country is made up of desert, it's important to have cold beverages too. You can make this drink in your own house with simple smoothie ingredients.

Simply peel and pit a rip avocado and add it to your Oster® My Blend® Blender jar. Then add your milk and sugar and blend. While this recipe is simple, it provides a refreshing rich taste that's a mix of milkshake and smoothie. Feel free to spruce it up with additional flavors like cinnamon. 

Morocco is well known for its unique cuisine, which is inspired but a variety of cultures. Morocco is well-known for its unique cuisine, which is inspired by a variety of cultures.

Agua Fresca 
Throughout Mexico and Latin America, agua fresca refers to a variety of sweet, fruit-based cold drinks. You can make your own at home with your favorite fruit. Often, people use watermelon, cantaloupe or strawberry along with lime and lemon juices. In addition to these fresh fruits, most people just use water and sugar to make agua fresca. 

Kissel is an Eastern European dessert that can be sipped or eaten with a spoon, served warm or chilled. Whether you go with a Polish, Russian or Latvian variation of the recipe, it always calls for water, sugar, starch and fruit.

The corn or potato starch helps thicken the fruit into a semi-solid between gelatin and a smoothie. While all the ingredients need to be mixed on the stovetop, you can use your personal blender to get your strawberries or other fruit the perfect consistency. Consider serving your chilled kissel with a dollop of sweet whipped cream. 

Berries and cherries are among the most popular fruits for kissel. Berries and cherries are among the most popular fruits for kissel.

Banana Milk 
In the U.K., Korea and other countries, people use powders and syrups to make banana-flavored milk, just like Americans mix chocolate milk. While these mixes aren't commonplace in U.S. supermarkets, you can easily make your own natural banana milk in your personal blender.

Simply mix 1 banana with 1 cup of milk and a dash of vanilla in your blender jar. After processing, you'll be left with a creamy, banana-flavored milk without any of the sugar of a powder mix.