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4 Cool Twists on Your Favorite Smoothies

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There's nothing wrong with enjoying a classic smoothie that's filled with nutrients, but why not mix it up every once in a while? Try these bold changes on simple smoothies.

1. Tart Green Smoothie
Keep the green theme with this popular smoothie choice and add in plenty of lime. The ingredients in a green smoothie vary, but they're traditionally filled with green vegetables loaded with nutrients, like kale, spinach, chard or broccoli. But if it's tasting a little too grassy, spray in a little lime juice for a surprisingly complementary sour flavor.

Add fresh lime juice to your green smoothie.

2. Spicy Berry Blast 
Just throw a few frozen strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and Greek yogurt in your all purpose blender for a vitamin-rich smoothie that tastes great. If you're looking for a way to switch up this smoothie standard that'll really wake you up, try a bit of spiciness. Add a pinch of cayenne pepper to your smoothie before you blend and enjoy the hot aftertaste. This is a great option if you have a cold and want to clear out your sinuses and get some vitamins. 

3. Minty Chocolate Peanut Butter 
Adding chocolate to a peanut butter smoothie is already one twist on a simple recipe, but consider incorporating a little fresh mint as well for a more complex flavor. Although this won't add the nutritional benefits that other additions may, it can certainly give you a unique flavor to fall in love with. 

4. Creamy Orange 
Stay away from the classic tropical smoothie that features orange juice, pineapples and mango by adding some vanilla yogurt or ice cream for a creamy snack that tastes more like a Creamsicle® than a health-food smoothie. This treat may have a bit more fat, but it still provides the vitamins and minerals found in the juice and fruits.