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Leftover Recipes: Cooking With Holiday Ham

You don't have to eat leftovers cold or straight out of the microwave. It's easy to take meals you previously made and reinvent them into something new altogether with a few fresh ingredients. 

One of the best leftovers to get creative with is ham. Whether a leftover from a late holiday celebration or just from a recent meal, ham can easily add smoky, salty flavor to a number of dishes, and not just casseroles. Try out these creative recipes to make your leftover ham go the extra mile. 

Blender Quiche
Quiche is a tasty, egg-based treat that can be flavored with just about any type of meat, cheese, vegetable or herb you have on hand. With as many varieties of quiche as there are of pizza, you can turn your leftover ham and other ingredients into a custom brunch.

Food.com advised amateur chefs to preheat the oven to 350, grease a pie pan, add small cubes of ham, shredded cheese and any vegetables, like broccoli, to the pan. Then, separately, mix eggs, baking mix, salt, garlic powder, milk and onions into your blender. Turn on your performance blender until everything is a smooth liquid. Add olive oil, pour into pan with the veggies and meat, then cook for about 40 minutes until done. Then serve and enjoy, knowing you've only used leftovers and what you had in your cabinets already.

Use your performance blender to make a quiche.

Ham Fried Rice 
Although more general "pork" comes to mind when most people think of fried rice, that doesn't mean that you can't use ham instead. My Recipes magazine suggested using leftover ham for an inexpensive pan fried rice recipe that you'll want again and again. 

Just mix your ham, cooked rice, some of your favorite vegetables - like peppers or mushrooms - garlic, soy sauce and other spices in a hot skillet until the rice is browned and slightly crispy.  The beauty of this stir fry is that, like the quiche, you can adapt recipe to include your leftovers. 

Fruity Kabobs 
What better way to use your extra ham than to barbecue it on a kabob? Use peppers, onion, mushroom, pineapple, mango, apple or any other complementary fruits and vegetables you think your guests or family will enjoy. Just thread them onto a skewer, use a marinade or dry rub and toss them on the grill or grill pan.

Homemade Soup 
Ham isn't the most common meat in soup, but you can use cubes of leftover ham to anchor your homemade chowder, bisque or split pea soup. Ham usually goes better with a creamy soup. Feel free to incorporate cheese as well, whether sprinkled on top or melted throughout.