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Twitter Round Up: #NewYearsResolutions

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Writing down your New Year's resolutions or telling them to other people can improve the likelihood that you'll stick to them. So taking to Twitter and sharing your goal with the world nearly guarantees it. Whether you want to tweet it out or keep your resolution private, check out some of the posts that people tweeted out in the past few weeks using #NewYearsResolutions for 2015. 

Tammie Hunt ‏@kachow23t 
What are your New Years resolutions? Have you started planning them? Mine is to lose weight and eat healthier! #newyearsresolutions #healthy 

Losing weight and eating healthier can go hand in hand. If you are one of the many Americans who have a resolution like Tammie, try establishing a workout routine that's intensive enough to help you get healthier, but fun enough that you'll stick to it. Also, if you've struggled with eating healthier in the past, try approaching it from a different angle. Use your performance blender to make smoothies and whole juices that are packed with vegetables and fruits, which can replace a traditionally unhealthy meal. 

Many people are focusing on fitness for 2015.

Crystina Poncher ‏@CrystinaPoncher 
Ok I need to learn Spanish ASAP. No more excuses. #newyearsresolutions 

Learning a new language is one of the most popular New Year's resolution, and it can be easier than ever with the Internet. Whether you take a class, buy a program or try to teach yourself, practicing a new language is critical to fully learning it. There are a variety of online communities that use video and audio chats to connect people around the world who want to learn other languages. They help one another with pronunciation and practice. 

Emily ‏@EmilyHeyer 
Already thinking about #NewYearsResolutions and I think this coming year I'm going to really focus on my #photography 

Focusing on a hobby can be a great new Year's resolution. Try treating your hobby like an appointment that you make with yourself once a day, week or month. This will help you make time in your schedule and give it the effort and time you want to. 

Brooklyn ‏@bdivae 
I know what my #NewYearsResolutions are guna be, 1) Be nicer to ppl n more givin to others. 2) Better money management 3) Better my health x

Charity and money management are common New Year's resolutions, but, like exercising or eating better, it's important to keep up this goal all year long. Consider making an appointment with your bank or financial advisor in early January to set up different accounts for savings, discretionary funds and maybe even charity. That way you'll have a little extra money each month set aside for those who might need it more than you.