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Why Weighing Yourself Daily Will Help You Keep Your New Year's Resolutions

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Weeks after making your New Year's resolution, it's important to do anything you can to keep it going and lose the weight you want to. While, in the past, you may have wanted to stay away from the scale because you didn't like the number that popped up, weighing yourself frequently can actually help you keep those pounds off. 

Use Your Scale to Stay Fit 
Exercise and nutrition are your tools for gaining muscle and burning fat, but a scale can be an instrument for not regaining the weight. Fitness experts advise that people use their scale as a measurement of what they've lost, how much they weigh and where they still can go. Many people think of weighing themselves as a warning sign to tell whether they're gaining weight again and if so, how much. This red flag can help you revaluate your routine and discover where the weight gain is coming from. 

Checking your weight regularly can help hold off weight gain.

Although a scale can be a powerful tool in weight loss, it only works when used regularly, but not necessarily on a daily basis. For example, you don't want to weigh yourself daily, looking for impacts from your workout the day before. It only helps with long-term goals, and can be dangerous if you're using it obsessively. 

The National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute explained that checking your weight regularly can be critical to maintaining weight loss. It recommended that you graph your weight over time to visualize the loss and notice patterns, rather than just writing  numbers in list form. 

Develop a Weighing Routine 
If you're going to weigh yourself every day or every other, why not add it to your normal workout routine?  Right after you finish your last reps or your cool down lap, hop on your scale and check your weight. Some scales, like the Health o meter® Stainless Steel Scale, can actually help you track your weight. 

After your weigh yourself, don't forget to fire up your performance blender for a rich smoothie filled with fiber and protein. Within an hour post-workout is when it can do the most good for building muscle. Consult your doctor before beginning an exercise routine to make sure you are ready for athletic activity. These are suggestions for workouts, not strict directives.