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Winter Workout Wear: Staying Warm and Fit

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Start your New Year's resolution or keep your daily workout routine alive no matter the nasty winter weather by taking advantage of a warm workout gear. If you're planning a outdoor circuit routine, a run or a bike ride in the cold season, here are a few clothing accessories you'll definitely need. 

Thin, warm gloves 
You may not think you need to wear gloves for a workout routine, but they're the first line of defense against wind on a jog or a bike ride. And, if you don't wear a pair, you'll be wishing you had in minutes.

Look for a form-fitting pair of gloves that are light, but fully insulated. You don't want it to feel like you're running with heavy mittens on, but proper hand protection can help you fight the cold a bit longer and continue your workout.

Invest in durable, warm winter workout gear. 

A stretchy, form-fitting hat 
It's not an old wives tale - you really do lose a significant amount of heat out the top of your noggin. So, when the temperature drops, make sure you cover up. Wool caps are a great choice if you're just walking around, but can make you a bit too warm when your exercising. Opt instead for a polyester, elastic cap that fits snugly on your head. 

Look for hats with specialty features like ponytail holes, extra ear protection, pockets or even built in headphones.

Comfortable base layers 
It's easy to get warm in the winter - just put on a parka. But keeping warm while also staying light and mobile is a different story.

The key is layering. If you wear warm compression gear as your base, regular workout clothes on top, then a outer shell with a jacket, you'll not only have the warmth of these three layers, but also the insulation of the air in between them. By wearing three layers and skipping the puffy coat, you'll also be able to move easily and not lose a step. Invest in base layer shirts or pants like the triathlete apparel from Zoot or all-purpose outdoor explorer gear from Marmot

Neck and face protection
Keeping your core and your extremities warm is important to any outdoor workout, but you can't forget about your face and neck. Whether you choose a compression shirt with a turtle neck, a sporty scarf, or thin jacket with a high collar, you don't want to let your neck get frozen. Consider a facial scarf, athletic winter masks or even goggles for face protection as well. 

Even with warm gear on, winter weather can still cool you down. One of the best ways to warm up when you go inside is to blend up a warm cup of soup. Learn how you can use your Oster® Versa® Performance Blender to heat up or even make yourself some soup or stew.