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3 Varieties of Greek Yogurt You Can Make at Home

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Have you been trying to add more Greek yogurt to your diet? Many people are turning to this popular food because it's packed with nutrients and low on calories and fat. 

The most important nutrient found in Greek yogurt is protein. In a typical 170-gram container of store-bought nonfat Greek yogurt, there are a whopping 17.3 grams of protein, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. That's a great way to start off your day or recover from a workout, and much more protein than a container of typical yogurt. 

However, rather than buying your yogurt from the store, why not try making your own? Use the Oster® Mykonos™ Greek Yogurt Maker to make fresh yogurt without any preservatives that will have just as much protein. It's the perfect option for anyone trying to eat better who likes yogurt with granola for breakfast or in their protein shakes. 

You can make one of these three varieties of yogurt in your Oster® Mykonos™ Greek Yogurt Maker.

Make your own rich, creamy Greek yogurt for breakfast. Make your own rich, creamy Greek yogurt for breakfast.

1. Dairy 
Using dairy milk is one of the most popular ways to make Greek yogurt. What makes Greek yogurt different from other varieties is the way that it's made. Greek yogurt strains out the liquid component whey in dairy milk to leave the thicker protein-filled components behind. 

The Oster® Mykonos™ Greek Yogurt Maker will give you all the tools you need, from strainers to containers, to turn whole, 2 percent or skim milk into the exact yogurt you're looking for. 

2. Soy 
Allergic to dairy? Don't like the taste? Eating vegan? Don't worry. 

With your Oster® Mykonos™ Greek Yogurt Maker, you can use soy milk to make a unique Greek yogurt blend as well. The digital timer helps you make yogurt without worrying about the clock.

"Make yogurt with soy, almond or dairy milk."

Within 10 to 12 hours depending on the milk you use, you'll be left with a great-tasting yogurt for a smoothie or snack. By using soy, you can get the same benefits of dairy milk, while still sticking to your dietary preferences or restrictions. 

3. Almond Milk 
Whether for taste or dietary reasons, you can make Greek yogurt from almond milk as well. If you want to make your almond yogurt completely from scratch, blend up some almond milk in your performance blender first then turn it into yogurt!