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5 Tips to Make Grilling a Breeze This 4th of July

When you have your friends and family over for a fun summer barbecue, it can be daunting to be the host. While everyone else is able to run around catching up with one another, playing lawn games and enjoying their food, you're stuck behind the hot grill. Instead of feeling left out of your own gathering, use these quick grilling hacks to make delicious food quickly. 

1. Start cooking and grilling early 
The part of grilling for a cookout that takes the longest is usually the meat. Whether you're making burgers, hot dogs or steaks, you have to give your meat enough time to cook to the right internal temperature. When new guests are showing up and people are having fun around you, it can be hard to be patient with the spatula in your hand. 

Instead, consider precooking some of your foods. You can parboil, microwave or even partially bake certain meats to get them ready before any guests show up. Then have the grill heated and running for when they arrive. All you have to do is throw the food on the grill for a few minutes to get it to the perfect temperature without spending hours in front of the grill. 

start cooking your meat before your guests arrive so it only needs to be on the grill for a few minutes. Start cooking your meat before your guests arrive so it only needs to be on the grill for a few minutes.

2. Cook bacon in your waffle iron
Do your guests want cheese on their burgers? Do they want bacon? Yes and yes. While cheese melts in a matter of seconds, cooking bacon on the grill can be annoying and lead to more than a few strips falling into the fire. Instead, take advantage of your trusty waffle iron and toss the bacon inside. Simply place the bacon on the waffle plate, close the iron and wait until it cooks. The grease will even pour into the grooves. 

3. Blend fresh mayonnaise 
Forget running out to the store to pick up mayonnaise when you run out. Simply blend your own with household ingredients[run on]. Not only is this way surprisingly convenient, but you won't have to eat any preservatives found in commercial mayo to enjoy this classic burger topping. 

All you need to do is combine eggs, vinegar, vegetable oil, lemon juice and salt with your immersion blender. In no time, you'll be able to serve your guests this fresh condiment. 

Make your own tasty mayo for hamburgers. Make your own tasty mayo for hamburgers.

4. Use rosemary for kabobs 
Don't waste your money on expensive skewers. One popular grilling trend is using sprigs of rosemary as a kabob alternative. Not only is this a quick and easy way to make a kabob, it also loads your food with herb flavor. 

5. Clean up with an extra onion 
You likely
have onions on hand from your burgers or kabobs. Rather than using a frustrating metal scrub brush to clean off your grill, use half an onion. Use this vegetable like a sponge to get rid of the grime and buildup on your warm grill.