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6 Must-Haves for Wine-Lovers

Whether you fancy yourself an amateur sommelier or you have a wine lover to buy for, there are a few accessories that every wine aficionado should have in their kitchens. Here are a few of the best gift ideas for vino drinkers, whether for yourself or someone else. 

1. Electric Wine Opener
Don't waste time struggling with a flimsy, cheap corkscrew. Invest in an electric corkscrew that will open a bottle of pinot noir for a party or sauvignon blanc for dinner in a matter of seconds. 

This convenient, cordless gadget will open up to 30 bottles on a single charge - perfect for large dinner parties. It's a fun, easy and useful tool for any wine drinker. 

Any wine expert will love an electric opener.Any wine expert will love an electric opener.

2. Quality wine glasses 
Buying for wine lovers doesn't have to be complex. Look for well-made, quality wine glasses that enhance the drinking experience. Consider hand-blown glasses or specialty stemware for rare varieties of wine that they love. 

3. Vacuum cork 
After wine is open, it won't last for long. Even if you cover it with a new cork or a cover, the air already got in and will sour the wine over time. Instead, you need to suck the air out and vacuum seal the bottle again. Use a vacuum cork to keep your wine good for weeks, so don't waste a perfectly good bottle that's half full.

4. Wine chiller 
Serving white wine? Make sure it's chilled.

A quality wine chiller is a great option for anyone who enjoys a cool glass of wine. It'll help keep the entire bottle chilled throughout your meal. It's an excellent choice for anyone who entertains regularly. 

"Invest in a vacuum sealer to ave your wine for later."

5. Aerator 
Although your want to keep oxygen out of your wine while it's in the bottle, you want the wine to breathe before you drink it. Use an aerator to introduce oxygen to the wine before you take your first sip. It's easy to use and you're sure to notice the difference.

6. Racks and displays 
Whether DIY or store-bought, wine racks and glass displays can be a fun way to show off a wine collection as well as decorate a home. Look for display options that show off the wine and complement the decor. 

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