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Your Day with an Oster® DuraCeramic™ Skillet

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Your Oster® DuraCeramic™ electric skillet isn't a one-meal appliance. In fact, you can make all your meals throughout the day in this versatile and useful appliance. Check out this day with your Oster® DuraCeramic™ electric skillet. 

Eating a hearty breakfast is an important way to start your day off right. However, when you're in a rush or groggy, it's no fun to deal with tons of pots and pans. Instead, just use your trusty Oster® DuraCeramic™ electric skillet to whip up a hot breakfast. 

You can make a wide range of breakfast foods in your skillet, from nutritious vegetables and fluffy egg whites to more indulgent sausages and griddle cakes. Whether you pick a fried egg or whole wheat pancakes, your skillet makes cooking breakfast a breeze. 

Whip a tasty breakfast in your skillet.Whip up a tasty breakfast in your skillet.

You can make dozens of delicious light dishes in your Oster® DuraCeramic™ electric skillet that are perfect for lunch. For this meal, why not try your hand at making a steak quesadilla?

Start off by cooking cut steak tips, bell peppers and onions in your skillet. Stir and season as you saute your ingredients. Once your food is thoroughly cooked, move to a new container and wipe down the skillet safely. 

Next, fill a tortilla with your cooked ingredients and Mexican cheese. Fold the tortilla in half and place onto your hot skillet. Flip the quesadilla halfway through. Once your cheese is melted and the tortilla is golden brown, you're ready to eat. 

Enjoy fresh salmon with some help from your electric skillet. Enjoy fresh salmon with some help from your electric skillet.

Although the Oster® DuraCeramic™ electric skillet is capable of handling nearly any food, it may be best designed to make dinner. It can be a great complementary appliance for large dinners when stove space is at a premium, or for quiet nights when you want an easier cooking experience than your stove.

There are dozens of great dinner recipes. Try making Braised Lamb Shanks and Portobello Mushroom with Silvered Celery Root and Roasted GarlicCitrus-Marinated Atlantic Salmon with Potato Blinis and Garden GreensChicken and Black Bean Tamale Pie, or Pork Tenderloin with Molasses, Bacon and Porcini Vinaigrette

You can also make tasty desserts in your electric skillet. From large cookies to pies and cobblers, this unique cook space can easily turn into a warming or serving plate when needed. 

Cleaning your dish at the end of the day and in between meals couldn't be easier. Because of the unique DuraCeramic™-coated surface, you won't have to worry about stuck food, scratches or peeling. To clean it, all you need to do is wipe it down with a wet cloth.