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5 Benefits of Juicing

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You may have heard a lot about juicing. Along with smoothies, juicing has become an increasingly popular way of boosting your vegetable and fruit intake in order to get the nutrients you need. If you're thinking about juicing produce in your home, you should know why most people do it. Here are five of the benefits to juicing. 

1. Juicing is quick and simple 
Vegetables and fruits are an important part of anyone's diet. However, if you find yourself frequently in a rush, juicing may be a smart alternative over eating them whole. A quality juicer maker turns your fruit and vegetables into a drinkable liquid quickly. The machine is easy to use and simple to clean afterward. You can make a bottle of rich, fresh juice in a matter of minutes. Pour it into a bottle then hustle out the door. 

Pair vegetables with your favorite fruits for a tasty juice blend. Pair vegetables with your favorite fruits for a tasty juice blend.

2. It's perfect for people who don't like fruit or vegetables 
Nobody will benefit from a juicer more than a person who doesn't like eating vegetables or fruit. Juicing allows you to combine flavors to make a personalized drink that you'll love or at least be able to stomach. Unlike sitting down to a plate of beets or kale, you can juice them into a small container and reap similar nutritious rewards. 

3. You get a concentrated dose of nutrients 
Whether or not you like fruit and vegetables, juices do give you a more concentrated amount of nutrients in one sip than you'd get in most bites. It's a great option if you're trying to boost your vitamin and mineral intake quickly.

Juice your favorite fruits and veggies. Juice your favorite fruits and veggies.

4. It absorbs quickly  
The main difference between smoothies and juices is that juices don't have pulp, seeds or fiber. While fiber can benefit your digestive health, the lack of fiber in juice allows for it to be absorbed into your body more quickly - especially on an empty stomach. 

5. It can be part of a smarter diet 
If you're trying to eat better, juicing can be a great first step. Many store-bought juices can contain sugar and additives that don't help your nutrition goal. Juicing at home will allow you complete control to make nutritious snacks and meal replacement juices that can help you hit your weight goals.