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Fun Father's Day Gift Ideas

Don't get your dad something boring like a gift card or another sweater this year. For Father's Day, make sure you give him something that he'll actually use. Pick one of these appliances or gadgets that your dad can put to work in the kitchen.   

1. Electric Griddle  
If your dad's favorite meal is breakfast, the best gift for him might be the Oster® DuraCeramic™ Electric Griddle. This nifty appliance doesn't just let your pop grill up eggs, bacon and homefries on a flat surface just like at his favorite diner, it also lets him keep extra pancakes warm for later. It's the perfect tool for a dad who likes making a big and diverse breakfast whether just for himself or the whole family. 

Help your dad pour a great glass of wine with the opener and aeroat.Help your dad pour a great glass of wine with an opener and aerator.

2. Wine Opener and Aerator 
Whether your father has a defined wine palate or he just likes to open a nice bottle when he has company over, the Oster® Deluxe Wine Opener and Wine Aerator are the perfect tools. The opener makes opening a bottle of wine as simple as pushing a button. No more wrestling with natural or synthetic corks!

After the effortless open, all your dad has to do is pour wine into the aerator and the wine glass underneath. This device lets oxygen blend with the wine, giving it a smoother finish and a fresher taste. These two tools are great for amateur sommeliers and gadget fanatics alike. 

3. A Personal Blender or Juicer 
If your dad is one of the millions of American men who are trying to slim down or eat better, why not get him a juicer or blender to help him hit his goal. These two appliances do different jobs, but both can help your pop consume more vegetables and fruits, not to mention superfoods such as chia seeds. 

Opt for the Oster® JūsSimple™ 5-Speed Easy Juice Extractor if your dad is looking to make fresh-squeezed orange or tomato juice to kick of his morning right. For dads who are trying to get more protein as well as fruits and veggies after a workout, consider the Oster® MyBlend® Pro Personal Blender instead. It's a great portable option that makes blending smoothies as easy as possible.

Your dad can use his toaster oven for more than just sandwiches. Your dad can use his toaster oven for sandwiches and more.

4. Premium Sandwich-Making Tools 
Do you think your dad would like to make sandwiches at home that are better than whatever he might find at a deli? Consider getting him a brand new toaster oven or a large panini maker.

With the panini press, your dad can toss his favorite sandwich on the nonstick DuraCeramic™ surface, close the lid and watch as the cheese melts out and the bread browns on its edges. The toaster oven is better if your dad is partial to pitas, submarine sandwiches and open-face offerings. Both the toaster oven and the panini press can be used for dozens of other recipes, but if your dad is a sandwich man, he'll use these appliances nearly every day.