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Kid-Friendly Summer Treats to Make at Home

This summer you and your kids don't have to wait for the ice cream truck to get your fix of sweet and frozen goodies. You can actually make some of the best tasting frozen treats right in your house. Get your kids involved in this hands-on activity and create one of these frozen sweets this summer. 

Truly Homemade Ice Cream 
Kids (and adults) love eating ice cream. It's creamy, sweet and most importantly, cold. Instead of scooping frostbitten ice cream out of a box in your freezer, try making your own fresh ice cream with the Oster® Gel Canister Ice Cream Maker

With this appliance, you and the kids will be able to elongate the ice cream process. Rather than scarfing down their bowls of ice cream, let your children build an activity out of making the ice cream. You can use this opportunity to explain how ice cream gets made and why it's so tasty. 

Enjoy homemade ice cream with fruit. Enjoy homemade ice cream with fruit.

The Oster® Gel Canister Ice Cream Maker lets you make truly customized flavors. Toss in chopped fruit, candy or extracts. The machine is very simple to use. All you need to do is turn it on and add your ice cream mix. 

This is the perfect activity for a sunny summer afternoon after the kids out of school. Just set up the machine, make your favorite flavors and some delicious sundaes together. 

Fresh Frozen Yogurt or Sorbet
If you prefer creamy frozen yogurt or juicy sorbet to traditional ice cream, you can make these dishes in the Oster® Gel Canister Ice Cream Maker as well. It's a great option for children who don't like ice cream but don't want to be left out of the fun. It can also be a smart option for parents who want to avoid the calories and sugar of ice cream. Add real fruit to your mix as well. 

Try making different types of frozen pops all summer. Try making different types of frozen pops all summer.

Frozen Juice Pops 
You can also make frozen pops at home. These sweet creations are simple enough. However, when you make them with store-bought juice often they'll be filled with just as much sugar as a pop from the ice cream truck. 

Instead, use freshly squeezed juice. All you need to do is juice your favorite fruits, pour the juice into a small paper cup, add a popsicle stick or straw and then place the treats in the freezer overnight. The next day you'll have an all-natural treat to snack on and cool you down.