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How to Detox After Spring Break

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Spring vacations are often a break from people's healthy habits. When you've been working hard to eat and drink right to get that beach-ready body, it can be hard not to reward yourself with sugary cocktails and fatty foods. But after your week at a resort, on a beach or at an exotic destination, it's time to get yourself back on track. Here are a few tips for recovering from a spring break vacation.

Sip your smoothie and your water bottle 
Whether you got more sun at the beach than you should have or drank a little too much on your nights out, being dehydrated isn't just bad for your body, but it can make you feel even worse. In addition to water, make yourself a fruit-filled smoothie in your personal blender as a more pleasant way to rehydrate. 

A smoothie filled with refreshing fruits will help you hydrate quickly and taste great in the process. Add a little extra ice for a bonus source of water. This smart snack will also help you get the vitamins and minerals you were likely missing in your vacation foods. 

Hydration is critical to recovering and feeling fit after spring break. Hydration is critical to recovering and feeling fit after spring break.

Go for a run 
If you're feeling tired and bloated after your spring break, it's time to get active. Although it may seem counterintuitive, forcing yourself to take a walk, go for a bike ride or play a pickup game with some friends is a great way to stay active and start feeling like yourself again. You can take it slow at first if you want to, but a bit of athletic activity will make you feel better. Just remember to stay hydrated. 

"Athletic activity will make you feel better."

Return to your routine 
If you were happy with your workout routine and diet before spring break, make sure you keep it up after you get back. As part of your physical and psychological detox, get right back into your routines. It doesn't matter if you ate more processed food than usual or missed a few days of jogging, once you get back into the swing of things you'll feel better and get your body back to where it should be in no time. 

Head to bed early 
Although eating and drinking better are keys to recovering from spring break, nothing is more important than getting the sleep you need. Bump up your normal bedtime by an hour or two for your first few nights back to recover and ensure you're getting the recommended seven to eight hours a night, especially if you're dealing with jet lag.