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5 tips for exercising in the city

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If you're one of the many health-conscious young professionals who lives in a city, you probably know that it can be difficult to get a good workout. Gyms can be expensive and crowded, and there aren't always paths and trails to make outdoor exercise easy.

However, just because you're living in an urban jungle doesn't mean there isn't enough room to find the right workout for you. Try these tips to skip the gym and get your heart pumping without leaving the city limits. 

1. Try a dynamic workout 
Going for a run can be a great way to burn some quick calories and see the people around you. But when you live in a densely populated area, it can be hard to make it far without running into crowded spots or waiting at dozens of stop lights. Instead, try doing a dynamic workout that involves jogging, sprinting and walking to get a full cardio exercise while covering less ground. Try running stairs, doing short circuits around a local track or creating a routine that works perfectly for your needs. 

There's plenty of room to exercise in the city, you just have to know where to look. There's plenty of room to exercise in the city, you just have to know where to look.

2. Walk or ride to work 
Forget riding the bus or the train. If you live close enough to your job, spend the extra time to ride your bicycle or walk each day. Instead of wasting time in traffic or on mass transit, you'll be able to burn a few calories and walk into work feeling great. 

Consider bringing in a personal blender for a post-workout breakfast smoothie at your desk. This compact appliance will let you get protein, vitamins and nutrients at the office each morning to capitalize on your workout. 

3. Use your local park 
If the congestion of the city is getting to you, head to your local park. Although these can get overloaded with people on the nicest days, there's usually plenty of room for running, cycling, sports or even yoga. Head there and get social. You may be able to join a pickup game of basketball, a Pilates class or simply meet some fellow runners. 

Try kayaking around your city. Try kayaking around your city.

4. Take advantage of outdoor activities 
It's not just running and cycling that can get you into shape. Look for opportunities to exercise in the city that you may overlook everyday, even if they're tailored toward tourists.

For example, most major cities have kayaking in a harbor or river. This is a great way to work your upper body and see your city from a different perspective. 

5. Join a club 
Whether you join a running club or parkour group, having other people around will make your city feel like an exercise playground. It's the perfect opportunity to make more friends and get to know your city in a different way. There are typically a number of clubs for different sports from soccer to squash.