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Best Blender Gifts for College Grads

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Whether the college graduates on your list are moving into an apartment for a new job, traveling to a new campus for graduate school or headed back home with their parents for a while, there's a blender out there for them.

A blender isn't just a thoughtful gift, it's useful too. Recent graduates can use their new blender to help make nutritious smoothies to stay in shape or more exotic dishes to enjoy when they're out on their own for the first time. Here's the best blender option for each type of grad. 

The fitness fan 
If the graduate you're buying for was a college athlete who spent all of her free time at the gym, get her a gift that she'll use nearly everyday: a personal blender. Just because her athletic eligibility is over, that doesn't mean her love of working out and playing sports is. This personal blender will let her make protein shakes and nutritious smoothies. 

"A personal blender could be the perfect option for the grad on your list."

The nutrition nut 
There's more than one way to stay fit. If your soon-to-be graduate is focused on eating well, a performance blender may be just the tool for him or her. 

It can help him or her make green smoothies to get more vegetables or nut butters to up his or her protein intake. It's the perfect thing for someone who's moving back in with his or her parents but doesn't want the wider waistline that can come with home cooking.

The aspiring chef 
Whether or not they got a culinary degree, many graduates learn about different types of food at college and become interested in cooking outside their comfort zone. If you have someone on your list who's excited about having his or her own full-sized kitchen for the first time, set him or her up with a performance blender and food processor to start cooking. 

Set your recent graduate up with everything  he or she needs to run the kitchen. Set your recent graduate up with everything he or she needs to run the kitchen.

The dorm dweller 
For the college grad who's about to head back to a campus in the fall for graduate school, a personal blender is the perfect option. Small, easy to clean and portable, a personal blender won't take any precious dorm or apartment space, but can still let your grad maintain a mini kitchen. 

The first timer 
When graduates are out of their parents' home and off campus, it can be a big adjustment. They may not know what to do with too many kitchen appliances. Give them the high-quality, all-purpose kitchen blender that can make basic milkshakes and smoothies as well as more adventurous fare when they get there.