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Smoothie Ingredients that Secretly Aren't Good for You

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Smoothies can help you get the nutrients you need to get into better shape or wake up first thing in the morning. However, a smoothie is only as good as the ingredients you put in it. Here are a few common smoothie ingredients that you may not actually want to be adding to your performance blender

Unnatural fruit juices
Fruit juice is a loosely used word in some circles. Pay close attention to the label of any juices you buy at the store for your smoothies. It may actually be a juice cocktail, juice drink or another phrase that means that this drink is only partially made from juice. The other ingredients could be sugar, corn syrup and other sweeteners. 

Avoid unnecessary sugar and opt for a 100-percent juice. It will still be sweet, but without added sugar. 

Make sure you use real juice in your smoothies. Make sure you use real juice in your smoothies.

Ice cream or sherbet 
These cool and sweet freezer treats may seem like the perfect flavor pairing for certain smoothies, but the second you add these, you're turning that drink into a milkshake. Ice cream, sherbet, sorbet and any other frozen confections are loaded with sugar and fat and very few nutrients. They can be fun to consume once in a while, but if you're looking to eat better, you should stick to frozen fruits or ice in your smoothies. 

Some peanut butter 
Not all peanut butter is created equal. Peanut butter is a popular smoothie add-in because it adds protein to every sip. However, some peanut butter is loaded with sugar, salt and fat. Read the labels carefully, look for natural peanut butter or consider making your own in your performance blender. 

Make your own low-sugar, low-sodium peanut butter. Make your own low-sugar, low-sodium peanut butter.

Flavored yogurt 
Yogurt has calcium, protein and a number of other important nutrients. However, some also have a lot of extra sugar. Avoid overly sweet, flavored yogurt in favor of plain, low-fat options with added sweeteners. Who needs flavoring when you're blending it with fruit anyway?

Canned fruit
When it comes to fruit, fresh is always better. Canned fruit is typically preserved in sugary syrup. Even if you drain this fruit, it will still add extra sugar to your smoothie. Plus, fresh fruit tastes better in the end anyway. 

Too much of anything
Whether it's fruit, nut butters, yogurt or milk, adding more than you need to your blender jar or drinking too much of it a day isn't great. Fruit inherently has sugar, and yogurt and nut butters have fat. These can be good in moderation, but not if you overdo it.