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4 Exercises to Aid/Help Weight Loss

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The best way to lose weight is to improve your diet and exercise routine. While eating better can be as simple as switching out sweet and salty foods for nutrient-packed smoothies in your kitchen blender, it can be more difficult to find the right weight loss exercise. Consider these workouts to help you improve your fitness and lose weight. 

1. Cross Jacks
Work your arm and leg muscles while doing cardio with this simple exercise, recommended by Fitness magazine. This exercise is perfect to use as part of a larger workout that has multiple circuits of quick cardio, and can be done right in your own home. 

Stand with your feet below your hips in a jumping jack stance. Then, as you jump out, cross your wrists in front of your body, when you come back down, cross your feet with one in front of the other and your crossed arms in front of your hips. Do this for about a minute, rest and repeat. 

2. The "Tone Up All Over" Workout 
Health magazine suggested that people can help themselves lose weight with a multistep routine that incorporates almost every area of the body. Try doing this a few times each week.

There is a number of exercises that make up this fun exercise routine, including lightweight squats, dolphin planks, single-leg dumbbell rows and curtsy lunges. Health recommended taking 30 to 60 seconds of rest between sets. 

3. Six-Week Fat Blast 
While many workouts can be implemented as part of your current routine, Muscle and Fitness magazine advised people get outside of their comfort zone with exercise regimens more intense than usual. The magazine described a six-week complex workout with cardio, strength and many other components. The routine marks out each day of the week with days marked for rest, cardio or full body workouts. Cardio workouts include hill sprints and planks, while other exercises cycled through several exercises such as a conventional deadlift. 

4. Heavy training and cardio 
The most successful method of reducing fat is to use both cardio and weight training heavily, BodyBuilding.com explained. The exercise advice website recommended two different workouts designed to help people gain muscle and reduce fat. It also stresses the importance of a healthy diet while exercising. These workouts include multiday circuits that have separate days for upper and lower body exercises. 

Consult your doctor before beginning an exercise routine to make sure you have healthy enough for athletic activity. These are suggestions for workouts, not strict directives.