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Best Side Dish Recipes for Friendsgiving

Friendsgiving has become an increasingly popular way for friends to celebrate this traditionally family-centric holiday together. Usually held before Thanksgiving, many Friendsgiving celebrations rely on everyone to bring a side dish of two for a potluck feast. If you've been invited to a Friendsgiving celebration and you're not sure what to contribute to the festivities, check out these side dish ideas. 

Seasoned Mash Potatoes 
Mashed potatoes is an easy and fun side dish that everyone will be expecting at your Friendsgiving party. Mashed potatoes only require milk, potatoes and butter, but the way you mix them is key. Consider using a performance blender

Get creative with your potatoes. Get creative with your potatoes.

While many people use hand mashers or whisks, these ways can be tiresome, take a long time and still lead to lumpy potatoes. Instead, a blender does all the work and you're left with fluffy potatoes. 

But don't just bring plain potatoes, consider adding an extra flavor or two. If you're with a crowd that can deal with some spice, consider tossing in some paprika or hot peppers. Others may like peas, lemon juice, dill, cheese or other fun flavors. A season-your-own-mashed-potatoes bar may be a fun option as well. 

Roast Fall Vegetables 
Volunteer to bring multiple side dishes in the form of roasted seasonal vegetables. From Thanksgiving staples like carrots and potatoes to local beets and root vegetables, these side dishes are simple to make and can be delicious. All you need to do is use your Oster® 18-Quart Roaster Oven with Buffet Server to both prepare and serve the food to your guests. Consider bringing it over raw and cooking it during appetizers, or cook it earlier and bring it along to heat up and serve your friends. 

It's a great Thanksgiving treat that looks as good as it tastes. Just season the vegetables with some olive oil, salt, pepper and herbs. 

Consider making squash soup in your blender as a side dish as well. Consider making squash soup in your blender as a side dish as well.

Nutty Squash  
Warm and orange, squash is a necessity whether at Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving. However, the age-old staple can be a little boring. Consider switching it up this year by adding some cut almonds or pecans to this side dish.

Not only will it add a more complex flavor and texture, but it'll shoot a blast of protein into the dish as well. It's a great vegan option. 

Cranberry Sauce with a Kick 
Cranberry sauce is traditionally a sweet and tart accompaniment for your moist, buttery turkey. Try to alter this flavor pairing slightly by adding a touch of spice. Infuse your homemade cranberry sauce with a bit of jalapeno for a bold and different flavor. 

Don't forget to bring some regular cranberry sauce though too.