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How to Impress Your Guests at Dinnertime With a Wine Opener

Next time you have a few friends over your house for a dinner party, be prepared to impress them. When they walk into your home and hand you a bottle of wine they brought for dinner, get ready to show them your handy new gadget. 

Rather than struggling with a traditional corkscrew, you can use an electric wine opener. 

How's an Electric Wine Opener Work? 
An electric wine opener gets the cork off your bottle of wine better than a traditional corkscrew and makes it significantly easier. Rather than wrestling with a stubborn cork or risking injury with the corkscrew itself, all you need to do is push a button. 

It's as easy as pushing a button. It's as easy as pushing a button.

The Oster® Metallic Electric Wine Opener is a rechargeable, cordless kitchen appliance. All you need to do is take the wine opener and place it atop the wine bottle. Push the button and the corkscrew will move down into the cork in a spiral fashion. It will then grab hold of the cork and pull it out. You'll be left holding the wine opener and an open bottle of wine. 

The gadget even has a feature that lets you cut foil with ease so you don't have to worry about finding a knife and risking a finger slice. 

Lightweight and sleek, you can keep your wine opener in the kitchen, next to the dining room table of even in your apron pocket. It will open up to 30 bottles on a single charge and when it's time for a recharge, all you need to do is slip it into the included power dock. 

Once your dinner guest sees you uncork a bottle of wine with so much ease one time, they'll be asking where you got that gadget.