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Tips for Cleaning the Kitchen at the Holidays

Thanksgiving can be one of the most fun and work-intensive holidays to host. In one sense, everyone congregates around your table for a seminal American holiday, while on the other hand, you're responsible for decorating, cooking and cleaning.

Decorating can be fun if you start working early enough and Oster® brand can sure help when it comes to cooking, but cleaning is less fun. However, here are a few tips to make cleaning a little more manageable.

1. Clean as You Go 
Sure, you may end up doing the same volume of cleaning if you clean as you go or all at the end, but it won't feel as daunting if you do a little at a time. 

After you use a pot or pan, take a minute or two to clean it out. Not only will this help you avoid a mountain of dishes at the end of the day, it will let you scrub dishes before food dries and gets caked on, making it easier all around. 

Don't let the mess build up in your sink. Don't let the mess build up in your sink.

2. Use Multi-purpose Cookware
Think about using dishes that can be used for cooking, serving and storing. This works especially well for buffet-style dinners. This technique can reduce the number of dirty dishes you need to clean by a third. 

3. Let Guests Bring the Side Dishes 
Just because you're hosting doesn't mean that you have to do all of the work on your own. Have your guests bring the side dishes. That way, in addition to not having to make the cranberry sauce and green bean casserole, you won't have to clean up after them either. 

4. Use DuraCeramic™ Cookware
The easiest way to clean a dish is to start with one that's easy to clean. Turn to DuraCeramic™ appliances for a surface that's better to clean because less food sticks to it in the first place. These appliances, such as the roaster oven, have the added bonus of saving you space in your conventional oven, not to mention cooktime and energy use.

"Turn to DuraCeramic™ appliances for a surface that's better to clean."

5. Use a Bussing Bin 
Don't let your sink fill up with dirty dishes before dessert. Consider using a bussing bin with soapy water to soak your dishes and flatware without overloading your sink. 

6. Consider Disposable Cups before Dinner 
You may not want to be wasteful with disposable items or miss the opportunity to use your best glasses and dishes, but look for areas where disposable items can help. Use plastic cup for drinks before dinner rather than dirtying your usual glasses. Consider using paper napkins or other items that can be thrown away without detracted from the atmosphere you want to create. 

7. Prep Your Garbage and Recycling Bins
Make sure all of your guests are clear on where your trash and recycling bins are. This can help you reduce the amount of picking up you'll have to do later.