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What Are the Keys to a Successful Turkey Carving?

Carving the turkey on Thanksgiving can be a big responsibility because it's so important and difficult at the same time. Whether the matriarch, patriarch or a new carver is doing the duties this year, there are a few things to keep in mind to ensure everything goes off without a hitch. 

Check out these four keys to the perfect turkey carving. 

1. Use the Right Knife (And Fork) 
If you try to carve a Thanksgiving turkey without the proper tools, you will be there for a long time and you'll be left with a heap of meaty scraps. Instead, start the job smarter with the Oster® Accentuate Electric Knife

Unlike a standard carving knife, the electric knife couples a sharp, serrated blade with power. Just plug your knife in and get started. This blade is designed to cut through any sized bird at the angle you want for perfect slices of meat. In addition to its ease of cutting, this knife is simple and comfortable to use.

The knife comes with a stainless steel carving fork that makes serving your turkey a breeze. You can hold the slice you're cutting and place it perfectly onto the dish. It also comes with a handy storage case.

The right knife can make all the difference. The right knife can make all the difference.

2. Don't Forget a Large Cutting Board 
It may look better to place your whole turkey in an ornate dish, but that's not the best way to carve it. When it's time to cut the turkey, use a large wooden cutting board. Feel free to place the carved turkey on a nice plate, but that's not the best place to cut. 

3. Give Your Turkey a Break 
If you try to carve your turkey right from the oven, you're bound to run into some trouble. Instead, it's better to let the bird sit and settle for about 30 minutes before you try to carve it. This lets the juices settle better so that each slice is optimal when you cut it up. 

4. Learn How to Carve a Turkey 
One reason so many people run into trouble with turkey carving is that they go at it with no experience. From the breast to the drum stick, carving requires you to make specific cuts or else you'll leave too much meat on the bones and make a mess. Spend some time before Thanksgiving looking into exactly how to cut the most troublesome parts of the bird, like the legs and wings.