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4 Ways to Add Fall to Your Dinner Table

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Autumn is a season renowned for its scenery. There are bright orange pumpkins, crisp blue skies and of course multi-colored tree leaves everywhere. Try to celebrate the beauty of the season with a little festive decoration on your dinner table this year. Here are a few tips to better incorporate fall into your dining experience. 

1. Use Pumpkin in Your Meals 
While pumpkin spice flavors may be popular around the country, you can actually use the real thing to enhance certain meals. Consider serving a fresh made pumpkin puree soup with the help of your performance blender or giving your dinner guests roasted pumpkin seeds as a snack before the main course. Look for recipes that use pumpkin seeds, pulp or skin while baking. 

2. Make an Autumn Centerpiece 
Go all out this fall and make yourself a festive decoration from easy-to-find items. Collect pinecones and colorful leaves to display in a vase at the center of your table. Consider using fall-scented candles, orange and yellow flowers and other fun fall items to decorate your home as well. 

Consider using a fall wreath as part of a centerpiece.Consider using a fall wreath as part of a centerpiece.

3. Decorate and Cook with Apples 
Many people pick and bake with apples each fall, but why stop there? Use apples to create simple or elaborate dinner displays. Consider using apples as place cards, centerpieces and garnishes. 

Additionally, you can add this classic fall fruit to your meals as well. Don't just focus on apple pie. Use apples, applesauce and apple juice to prepare anything from pork loin to cake. 

4. Incorporate Nature 
Although fall is a time for trees and other plants to go dormant for the winter, it's a great idea to add more natural elements to your home and table. In addition to pumpkins and apples, use wood and stones in creative ways that your guests will love.