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6 Features You Should Look For in a Top-Notch Toaster

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Whether you're making bagels, English muffins or toast, a good toaster can be an invaluable addition to any kitchen. If you want to find a toaster that leaves you with a quality end-result each time, there are a few features you should look for. Here are some of the most important features to consider when looking for a quality toaster.

1. Accurate settings 
When you make toast, you want to know what you're getting each time. A quality toaster is consistent and precise, so that you can get your bread products exactly the way you want them. This is especially important first thing in the morning. 

Look for toasters that have accurate and precise settings. These can vary among the type of toaster you're looking at, but you want one that can deliver the exact toast you want every time. 

Get perfect toast every time. You should get perfect toast every time.

2. Slot sizes
A bagel is a different width than a slice of bread and a slice of pumpernickel may be a different shape than white bread. Make sure the toaster you invest in has slot sizes that can accommodate a variety of bread types and sizes so that you can make frozen waffles as well as a club sandwich. 

3. Anti-jam and safety features 
Even the best toasters can jam every once in a while. The key is for the toaster to recognize a jam and shut itself down. This automatic shutdown feature can prevent burning and even fire. Look for a toaster that boasts safety features and aspects that prevent jamming in the first place. 

"Look for toasters that make cleaning a breeze."

4. Simple retrieval 
Nobody likes getting a slice of bread stuck in the toaster, but if it does happen, your toaster should be able to help you out of it. Make sure you get a toaster that pushes your toast high enough up that you can pick it up with ease and don't have to risk injury first thing in the morning just to grab your toast. 

5. Easy to clean 
Some toasters are easier to clean than others. No one wants a toaster that's full of bread crumbs and smells burnt every time it's used. Instead, choose a toaster that has an easy-to-use crumb tray, a cleanable exterior and any other features that make cleaning simple. 

6. Stylish appearance 
Function may be first on your list, but this toaster will be in your kitchen. Spend time looking for a toaster that matches or complements your kitchen's design and your own style.