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How to Make Protein-packed Pumpkin Smoothies

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If you want to make delicious smoothies this fall, you'll probably be adding some pumpkin. Whether you opt to make your own pumpkin juice as a smoothie ingredient or you use other types of pumpkin, this fall and winter gourd can give you some delicious seasonal variety in your smoothies. 

Making a great pumpkin smoothie is simple. All you need to do is add some pumpkin juice, puree or other pumpkin products to your personal blender along with your typical ingredients. In no time, you'll have a delectable treat.

In addition to your tasty pumpkin, why not add some extra protein to your smoothies? Here are five ways you can boost the amount of protein in your fall pumpkin smoothies this year . 

1. Cottage Cheese
This creamy dairy product is loaded with protein. Add a few scoops of low-fat cottage cheese to your smoothie to help boost its protein in no time. 

Cottage cheese has plenty of protein. Cottage cheese has plenty of protein.

2. Chia Seeds 
These trendy little seeds are popular for a reason. With only a small scoop of the stuff you can add plenty of extra protein and other nutrients to a smoothie. Look for this small seed at any health food stores and most grocery stores. 

3. Greek Yogurt 
Just plop in a scoop or two of the low-fat variety of this go-to smoothie ingredient for a little more protein. 

"What goes better with pumpkin juice than pumpkin seeds?"

4. Pumpkin Seeds 
What goes better with pumpkin juice than pumpkin seeds? Whether you get them directly from a pumpkin or you buy them separately, these seeds are a great way to inject a bit of protein and other nutrients into your smoothies. 

5. Milk 
That's right, plain dairy milk actually has plenty of protein. Pour some into your next smoothie for a creamier taste and a few more grams of protein. Coconut and almond milk also carry protein and work well for those avoiding dairy.